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Florida: Logistics & Distribution–The Future is Here August 2017 | 32 pgs. | 6.9 MB

Florida’s state-of-the-art seaports and airports, and strong highway and rail networks, have helped establish a strong and growing logistics sector.

Canada: Ties That Bind July 2017 | 7444890 pgs. | 0 MB

The U.S.-Canada cross-border trade relationship remains robust in an evolving regulatory environment.

The St. Louis Region: Big Developments, Bright Future May 2017 | 13 pgs. | 2.9 MB

An abundant, skilled workforce, outstanding multimodal transportation options, and plenty of space for expansion all fuel growth in the area’s logistics sector.

Alaska: Conquering the Last Frontier April 2017 | 8 pgs. | 1.2 MB

Alaska has much to offer, encompassing nearly 600,000 square miles. It also presents logistics challenges and requires experienced service providers to weather any storm.

Georgia: Setting the Pace in the Logistics Race March 2017 | 13 pgs. | 3.6 MB

Companies locating in Georgia take the lead thanks to its ideal location, reliable infrastructure, talented workforce, and best-of-breed technology.

Panama Canal Expansion: Locks and Load December 2016 | 8 pgs. | 21 MB

The June 2016 inauguration of the expanded Panama Canal marked the official completion of a nine-year-long construction project and launched a new era for the canal. Explore the widespread ramifications for global shipping.

Florida: Your Partner in Progress August 2016 | 25 pgs. | 7.3 MB

Whether you need logistics connections via water, air, road, and rail, Florida has it all. You’ll also warm up to its favorable business environment, quality of life, skilled labor pool, and more.
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Site Selection: A Power Production August 2016 | 3 pgs. | 0.92 MB

Locating warehouses and distribution centers in areas offering reliable energy generates cost savings and efficiency.

Cross-Border Trade Is on a Roll July 2016 | 9 pgs. | 2.4 MB

U.S. Canada trade will continue to be a mutually beneficial partnership, as long as shippers keep their eye on the ball.

10 Greenest Ports in America June 2016 | 8 pgs. | 3 MB

From Atlantic to Pacific, these ports know how to get their green on.
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Intermodal Rail: Moving in the Right Direction May 2016 | 6 pgs. | 1.7 MB

The demand for supply chain efficiency and speed points to investing in and maintaining U.S. rail/intermodal infrastructure.
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Meet Me in St. Louis May 2016 | 11 pgs. | 3.5 MB

In St. Louis, location is just the beginning of the story. Find out why this region is a premier freight hub and transportation capital.
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Alaska: The Vast Frontier April 2016 | 14 pgs. | 3.5 MB

By offering air, barge, ocean carrier, rail, and trucking services, logistics providers excel at transporting goods to, from, and within Alaska.

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2016 Global Logistics Guide March 2016 | 9 pgs. | 7.8 MB

Our 12th annual Global Logistics Guide, prepared in conjunction with Castrol, presents a transportation and logistics world atlas to help you identify and map continents and countries that warrant further exploration.
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Georgia: Super Hub of the Southeast March 2016 | 21 pgs. | 5.1 MB

A central geographic location, highly skilled workforce, warm climate, and business-friendly environment make the state sparkle. But it’s Georgia’s logistical advantages that are the jewel in the crown.
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Panama Canal: Global Trade Game Changer December 2015 | 7 pgs. | 1.9 MB

As the Panama Canal’s $5.25-billion expansion nears completion, how are shippers and ports preparing?

Great Logistics Sites: Prime Destinations, Unmistakable Results October 2015 | 9 pgs. | 2.57 MB

The pursuit of perfection may seem an impossible goal. But, with the right combination of key elements, four regions in the United States have achieved logistics greatness.

Utilities and Site Selection: The Power of Power August 2015 | 6 pgs. | 0.94 MB

Companies searching for just the right spot to locate their manufacturing plants, warehouses, and other facilities rank energy high on their list of priorities.

O Canada! July 2015 | 11 pgs. | 17.17 MB

In the logistics of trade, the relationship between Canada and the United States is friendly and advantageous on both sides of the border.

Riding the Rails May 2015 | 9 pgs. | 0 MB

In today’s high-speed logistics infrastructure, rail represents a key component of the intermodal framework.

Freight Transport in Alaska April 2015 | 11 pgs. | 0 MB

Transport providers carrying freight on land and sea, and in the air have developed special expertise to handle Alaska’s unique logistics challenges.

Georgia: Super Hub of the Southeast March 2015 | 29 pgs. | 0 MB

Myriad logistics assets make Georgia a terrific location for companies choosing new manufacturing or distribution facilities.

Site Selection & E-Commerce: Tapping Regional Excellence March 2015 | 7 pgs. | 0 MB

When choosing new sites to locate fulfillment facilities, retailers opt in for e-commerce excellence and proximity to large population centers.

2015 Global Logistics Guide March 2015 | 9 pgs. | 0 MB

Inbound Logistics’ 11th annual Global Logistics Guide presents a transportation and logistics world atlas to help you identify and map continents and countries that require further exploration.

Memphis: America's Multimodal City October 2014 | 1 pgs. | 2.64 MB

Connecting global supply chains through river, highway, rail, and air transport, Memphis gives businesses the ultimate logistics advantage.

Star Search: Discovering the Best Site for Your Business October 2014 | 1 pgs. | 1.34 MB

Finding the right site for your new manufacturing plant or distribution facility isn’t an overnight sensation. You have to pay your dues by investigating infrastructure, quality of life issues, utilities and taxes, and more. These locations deliver the goods.

Utilities and Site Selection: Power Players August 2014 | 8 pgs. | 1.24 MB

Choosing the best location for your business requires plugging into the right electrical and natural gas resources. Here are some of the top spots that will get you energized for success.

Top 10 U.S. Container Ports July 2014 | 6 pgs. | 0.88 MB

As trade flows shift, the busiest U.S. ports are most likely to continue fulfilling shippers' needs. Here are the 10 ports handling the nation's largest import and export container volumes.

U.S.-Canada Trade: Getting a Line on Cross-Border Shipments July 2014 | 9 pgs. | 1.02 MB

To efficiently move goods across the U.S.-Canada border, shippers and logistics providers must adapt to regulatory, geographic, and currency challenges.

Latin American Logistics: The View to the South June 2014 | 6 pgs. | 0.8 MB

U.S. companies trading with Latin America face opportunities and challenges, but logistics service providers can help.

Digital Must Haves

January 2017 January 2017 | 336 pgs. | 86.4 MB

Managing your supply chain can sometimes feel like you’re on a rollercoaster, with everything from global trade to transportation to manufacturing twisting and turning on a wild ride. While it can’t control those fluctuations, demand-driven logistics can deliver the agility and flexibility you need to anticipate and withstand any future supply chain ups and/or downs. The “I need that” information in this issue will help you relax your grip on the safety bar and enjoy the ride.
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Sponsor Spotlight August 2017 | 37 pgs. | 9.9 MB

Here’s a great source of information on new solutions and updated services. This e-book spotlights the leading logistics solutions providers and brands that support IL’s mission: to help you match demand to supply.
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2017 Logistics Planner January 2017 | 144 pgs. | 43 MB

Find the right solutions, carriers, and partners to drive efficiency in your supply chain operations and enable your enterprise to navigate the twists and turns, ups and downs of the coming year. The 2017 Logistics Planner, 25 years strong, is updated with profiles of leaders in transportation, technology, logistics, and more who stand ready to help you face upcoming challenges and optimize your enterprise.
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Top 100 3PL Providers July 2017 | 13 pgs. | 1.9 MB

Our annual directory spotlights logistics service providers that are ahead of the game while detailing the many services and solutions these companies provide.

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