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I.T. Toolkit

Inventory Tracking: Crunching the Numbers

With store replenishment lagging behind sales growth, potato chip maker Golden Flake deployed a mobile inventory-tracking solution from AT&T to provide stock visibility.

Michael Smyers

Reader Profile

Michael Smyers: Molecular Logistics

For Michael Smyers, associate director, logistics, at chemical and transportation fuel products manufacturer Amyris in Emeryville, Calif., the formula for a successful career relies on continuing education.


Lorcan Sheehan

3PL LineLorcan Sheehan

Holiday Rush Planning: How to Mitigate Risk in a Volatile Market

Lorcan Sheehan of ModusLink discusses some of the lessons businesses have learned that help mitigate supply chain risk during the peak season.

Pablo Ciano

Carriers CornerPablo Ciano

International Shipping: Moving at the Speed of Technology

The development of new technologies for planning, managing, tracking, and securing shipments never ends, and with new digital options always just around the corner, organizations of all sizes need to stay informed on the latest advances. Pablo Ciano of DHL Express identifies four key business areas where technology makes all the difference.

Keith Biondo

Checking InKeith Biondo

Retailers Rebalance Time vs. Cost?

Velocity is more important than price for some consumers, perhaps giving some retailers another component to consider as they compete, writes Publisher Keith Biondo.

Gary Hanifan

Green LandscapeGary Hanifan

4 Steps to Reducing Emissions in the Supply Chain

By collaboratively engaging with their supplier networks, companies can mitigate their greenhouse gas emissions and improve supplier relationships while achieving greater efficiency and cost reductions, writes Gary Hanifan of Accenture.

Greg White

Online ExclusiveIT MattersGreg White

3PL Value-Adds Mean Millions

By identifying the value-adds that brand and retail shippers want, logistics providers can position their offerings to bring millions in benefits to their customers and make the relationship stick, writes Greg White of Blue Ridge.

Mark Croxton

Online ExclusiveIT MattersMark Croxton

“Sell By” Dates Cost Shippers Billions in Wasted Perishable Goods

Shippers and business logistics professionals can easily use bar codes rather than ink stamps to ensure fresh food items are delivered to customers, writes Mark Croxton of Aldata.

Steve Biondi

IT MattersSteve Biondi

Embarking On an IT Modernization Journey

Modernizing information technology infrastructure helps companies save money and provide better value for their customers, writes Steve Biondi of Micro Focus.

Steve Dowse

Online ExclusiveIT MattersSteve Dowse

Why Supply Chains Need Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence within the supply chain improves internal efficiencies and accountability while saving time and eliminating costs with metrics-driven decision-making and change management, writes Steve Dowse, International Asset Systems.

Michael E. Burke

Online ExclusiveViewpointMichael E. Burke

Mitigating Facilitation Risk

Logistics professionals and companies should adopt and continuously update a risk-based export compliance program to minimize facilitation risk, writes Michael E. Burke of Arnall Golden Gregor.

Jay Moris

ViewpointJay Moris

Sorting Out Savings Opportunities in Your E-Commerce Warehouse

Savvy distribution and supply chain managers should be looking at sortation and its related disciplines as a means of addressing problems and achieving savings, writes Jay Moris of Invata Intralogistics.


Ten Tips

Transloading to Maximize Cost Savings

Transloading services transfer ocean cargo at port – without sorting it – for shipment to a single destination, such as an inland distribution center.


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