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I.T. Toolkit

Hitting a Freight Management Bull’s Eye

Ben E. Keith maximized freight management with help from ArrowStream’s Crossbow technology.


No Shortcuts to Success

Profile of Jeffrey Silver, CEO of Coyote Logistics in Chicago.

Reader Profile

Valerie Young: 2020 Vision

Profile of Valerie Young, vice president of global supply chain services and operations, 3M.


Felecia Stratton

Checking InFelecia Stratton

We’ve Been Together for 35 Years 

Inbound Logistics Editor Felecia Stratton marks a 35-year career anniversary with a look back at how technology changed supply management forever.

Good Question

GOOD QUESTION | What movie/TV show/song title best describes your job?

Readers pick the song/movie/TV show title that best describes their job.

John Maley
Samuel Mueller

Online ExclusiveSmart MovesSamuel Mueller

Turn to Technology to Attract the Next Generation of Workers

The supply chain is creating more jobs than it can fill. Here's why companies should use technology to change people's perceptions of the field.

Glenn Clinger

Online ExclusiveSupply Chain PerspectivesGlenn Clinger

Truck Driver Health Should Drive Business Decisions

Truck drivers are the lifeblood of the supply chain. Here's how to protect this invaluable asset and address the driver shortage.

Jean-Pierre Geronimi

Supply Chain SecurityJean-Pierre Geronimi

5 Ways to Cut the Risk of Cargo Theft

Robert Finn

Online ExclusiveTrade Compliance SpecialistRobert Finn

The Keys to Dangerous Goods/Hazmat Shipping Compliance

The strict regulations governing DG/hazmat shipping are not going away and, in fact, may become even more stringent. Here's how to avoid rejected shipments and manage the process.

Inbal Axelrod

Online ExclusiveViewpointInbal Axelrod

Transparency to Efficiency: How IoT Can Increase the Productivity of Your Transportation (Sponsored)

Utilizing technology is key to the future of business and IoT has increased the connectivity of all areas of business.

Roei Ganzarski

ViewpointRoei Ganzarski

3 Steps to a Demand-Driven Supply Chain

Customers expect immediate access to goods and services, and convenient delivery options. In short, it’s an on-demand economy. Companies must adapt and start optimizing their supply chains to stay competitive. Here’s how.


Ten Tips

Optimizing Your Distribution Center Site

Maximizing the efficiency of a distribution center site requires strategic planning and ongoing analysis. Use these tips to optimize a DC site.


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