Logistics and Supply Chain News

Udaya Shankar

How the Internet of Things Impacts Supply Chains

The Internet of Things can affect supply chain operations by increasing in-transit visibility.

Dr. Matthew Waller

Innovation in Business Processes from Northwest Arkansas

Business process innovations have made great leaps thanks to two Northwest Arkansas companies: JB Hunt and Walmart.

Bob McKee

Optimizing the Fashion Supply Chain

Fashion businesses must react instantly to fashion shifts and focus on getting goods to consumers quickly.

Dan Grimm

Taking a Smarter Approach to WMS RFPs

Create your WMS RFP with the goal of gaining a deeper understanding of potential suppliers.

Jim Gaskell

How to Create a Forklift Safety Culture

New forklift-based technologies can positively impact safety goals in your facility.

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U.S. Rail Delays Pass Coal-Transport Business to Truckers

Truckers are making more frequent trips to U.S. coal-burning power plants because of a U.S.-wide rail bottleneck situation which has forced some of the plants to turn to trucks and barges for coal transportation.

June U.S.-NAFTA Trade Up 10.2% Over 2013; Trucking Contributes Most 

U.S.-NAFTA freight totaled $103.0 billion in June 2014 as all five major transportation modes — air, vessel, pipeline, rail, and trucks — carried more freight by value in June 2014 than in June 2013.

IWLU, PMA Tentatively Agree on Health Benefits for West Coast Longshore Workers at Ports 

Negotiators for terminal operators and nearly 20,000 dockworkers at 29 West Coast ports, including the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, have reached a tentative deal on health care benefits, a critical element of their contract talks.

U.S. Factories Keep Losing Ground to Global Rivals

America's shale boom has raised hopes of a revival in U.S. manufacturing, in part fueled by cheaper energy. But U.S. factories still are losing ground to rivals in Asia and Europe.

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