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Randy Marble

Three Ways a WCS Can Improve Your Operation

A modular warehouse control system can help smaller operations keep up with larger competitors.

Jeff Vielhaber

Intermodal Transportation’s Solution to Our Evolving Supply Chain Demands

Intermodal transport provides cost savings, increased reliability, greater capacity, and green and safety advantages.

Tim Taylor

The Spot Market – And How Not to Use It

Using the spot market correctly can reduce backlogs of shipping and keep costs under control.

Scott Swartz

Challenges for Today’s Global Supply Chain: Cost, Profitability and Personalization

An optimized supply chain allows companies to reduce costs, lower risk, increase transparency, and support new products.

Svetlana Guineva

How to Determine Whether Your Freight Broker Is Legitimate

Don’t risk entrusting your shipments to a fraudulent freight broker. Check broker credentials to protect your goods.

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Morgan Stanley: Freight Cycle Favors Shippers Over Truckers

A recent report from Morgan Stanley focuses on the current freight transportation cycle and how trucking capacity constraints will continue to tighten.

NAFTA Trade Strong, U.S.-Canada Truck Freight Unchanged Year-Over-Year

NAFTA freight totaled $100.6 billion in August, increasing 4.4 percent from the same time a year ago and marking the sixth consecutive month it exceeded $100 billion.

Gauge of U.S. Economy Posts Solid 0.8 Percent Gain 

A gauge designed to predict the economy's future health posted a solid increase in September after no gain in the previous month.

Traffic at Los Angeles Ports Backed Up for Two Weeks, Threatens Holiday Season

Mirroring the legendary reputation of terrible Los Angeles traffic, a bottleneck has caused a two-week delay at the twin ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in LA county. The harbor traffic could create problems for retail outlets during the holiday shopping season.

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