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Amber Road

Jim Preuninger

Our Differentiators

  • A total global trade management solution that includes global transportation management, trade compliance and supply chain visibility
  • One of the industry’s most comprehensive and current repositories of global trade content and international business rules, addressing almost all of the world trade market
  • Data quality management technologies and processes that ensure complete information and promote accurate decision-making
  • On-demand delivery model that minimizes implementation costs to get you up and running quickly
  • Performance management tools to benchmark and improve operations
  • Global presence with 24/7 multilingual service and support capabilities

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Amber Road’s comprehensive GTM suite enables goods to flow unimpeded across international borders in the most efficient, compliant and profitable way. Built from the ground up on a single code base, atop a single database schema, all capabilities operate in concert, seamlessly sharing data and leveraging a unified business process. Our solution capabilities include:

  • Sourcing Optimization: Amber Road’s solution allows procurement professionals to gain a complete picture of overall landed cost, time to delivery, route and compliance implications associated with each sourcing decision.
  • Supplier Management: Amber Road’s supplier management solution helps companies extend purchasing and compliance processes to their inbound trading partners. By enhancing collaboration with international suppliers, companies can shorten cycle times, improve service levels, lower supply chain execution costs, and better support compliance initiatives such as Importer Security Filing (ISF).
  • Export Management: Amber Road’s solution automates export compliance and transactional functions—including performing country-specific regulatory checks, screening for restricted parties, determining license requirements and tracking license usage, and generating documents.
  • Transportation Management: Amber Road’s solution provides a range of transportation management capabilities, including contract and rate management, carrier selection and booking, and comprehensive freight audit. The solution enables organizations to easily evaluate different freight options on international moves resulting in improved service levels and reduced global logistics costs.
  • Supply Chain Visibility: Amber Road’s trading partner network connects importers and exporters with their overseas suppliers, logistics providers, brokers, carriers and customers to ensure complete tracking and monitoring of the movement of goods.
  • Import Management: Amber Road’s import solution performs vital compliance, import control and business rules validations throughout the purchase order lifecycle. Key capabilities include product classification, admissibility review at multiple stages, Customs entry management, security filings and broker integration.
  • Duty Management: Amber Road’s duty management solution automates the supplier solicitation, qualification and certificate management processes for importers and exporters. By automating and streamlining these processes, Amber Road enables companies to take advantage of significant duty savings.
  • Global Knowledge® : Amber Road’s solutions are all integrated with trade content to provide the highest levels of automation and accuracy. We cover over 130 countries today with comprehensive coverage of harmonized tariff schedules, standard and preferential duty rates, regulatory controls, restricted party lists, documents, quotas and much more.

Amber Road
Global Headquarters
One Meadowlands Plaza
East Rutherford, NJ 07073 USA
(201) 935-8588
LinkedIn: GTM Best Practices Group
Twitter: @gtmbestpractice