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Midwest Offers Efficient Freight Movement and Lower-Cost Transportation Advantages

Michael S. Kearney
Director, Economic Development


Ameren Corporation powers the quality of life for 2.4 million electric and 900,000 natural gas customers across 64,000 square miles in Illinois and Missouri. Ameren’s Economic Development Team provides comprehensive development services to companies seeking attractive location options. “Our goal is to assist your location process and help power your company’s business growth,” Kearney says.

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Central Location Offers Unsurpassed Infrastructure and Accessibility

The two-state Ameren service area–including central and southern Illinois, central and eastern Missouri and the St. Louis metropolitan area–is uniquely positioned as a low-cost Midwest distribution hub. Advantages include:

  • Central location that is well situated for interstate roads, waterway and railroad freight movement. St. Louis lies at the intersection of major freight corridors, with highway freight of more than 8,500 trucks per day and water and railway freight accounting for more than 50 million tons each year.
  • Market population of nearly 78 million people with above-average incomes within a day’s transport.
  • Unsurpassed infrastructure including access to all seven U.S./Canadian Class 1 railroads and proximity to [17] intermodal terminals, including the new Midwest Inland Port in Decatur. The Metropolitan Port of St. Louis extends 70 miles along the Mississippi River from Madison County, Ill., to Jefferson County, Mo.
  • Low costs. In most of Ameren’s territory, costs are as much as 32% below certain competing locations in the Midwest with comparable access to the Chicago metro market.

These regional strengths provide competitive advantages to the wholesale trade sector, according to an independent analysis that concluded that selected business costs in the region range from 18% to 27% below the national average costs for distribution centers.

Ameren Can Help You Start Your Site Search

Ameren is your source for access to site location support. Ameren, one of the Midwest’s largest investor-owned utilities, brings a breadth of knowledge and understanding of business location criteria to help positively affect the long-term cost competitiveness of your business.

Ameren offers the following value-added development services to businesses considering a Midwest location:

  • Project management support in partnership with state and local development agencies.
  • Comprehensive community profiles.
  • Internet-based building and site inventory with GIS mapping capabilities.
  • Technical utility infrastructure and cost analysis.
  • Access to energy efficiency programs and qualifying incentives.

“At Ameren, we understand that growing companies must be agile, strategic in their business decisions and prudent in their investments,” Kearney says. “Site selection decisions must be absolutely on target. Ameren’s Economic Development team is focused on making connections throughout the bi-state region.”

Built on a foundation of strong relationships and a common stake in sustainable community and regional development, Ameren brings a unique mix of resources including access to data and contact networks.

“Ameren is the ideal ‘first stop’ in the site search process for those looking for the right site, for the right value at the right time,” Kearney says.

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