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Conitex Sonoco Mexico

In three decades, we’ve become one of the world’s most respected and recognized companies by making trust the basis of very action from our CEO to our newest employee, every decision begins with what’s best for our customers and every single product defines our reputation.

To keep our focus green, we’re equally committed to sustainable, ethical practices for our planet. Whether using post recycled materials in manufacturing or engineering products that can be recycled and reclaimed efficiently, we make environmental stewardship a priority.

Our Pillars of Excellence

  • Continuous improvement
  • Innovative solutions
  • Dependable delivery assurance
  • Ethical, trustworthy actions
  • Superior value proposition

In short, we believe there’s only one true value proposition. To do the important things right. Reliable product performance, responsive service and delivery assurance. Strict specification conformity and an effective price-to-value ratio. Customer-focused solutions that lead to more productive operations and long term success. This is who we are. This is our blueprint for the future.

Since 1982, Conitex Sonoco has engineered and delivered innovative packaging solutions for customers around the globe. A joint venture between Texpack and Sonoco Products Company, we’ve grown to become the world’s largest manufacturer of paper cones. In addition, we offer paper tubes, Loadrunner® corrugated pallets, as well high-performance paperboard products. With the addition of BulkSak ™ brand, we expanded our flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) capabilities and global reach to serve a wide array of industries.

Our locations span four continents, enabling us to serve in over 50 countries.

From our inception, innovation has fueled our company and our staff. We not only create the paper cones that the world uses today- we’re engineering and manufacturing the products that will fulfill the needs of the industries tomorrow. Whether it’s our lightweight, high-strenght corrugated pallets used by major furniture, electronic and silica companies or our wide range of FIBC’s that make material handling more efficient, our ingenuity comes from our listening to customers and providing superior values solutions.

For three decades, Conitex Sonoco has provided “unparalleled quality and service” in the paper and converting markets. A natural extension was to utilize this experience in developing a full range of custom packaging solutions to meet our customer needs; we have products like Corrugated Pallets and FIBC’s with superior quality. Lighter, Stronger, Safer

Uniquely designed to meet a variety of applications, load distributions and weights, Loadrunner® corrugated pallets provide superb strength without the added mess or weight of traditional wood pallets. Choose from a wide variety of sizes, or we can design a pallet for your exact needs including custom printing and RFID labels.

Loadrunner® Application Examples

  • Air freight cargo
  • Electronics
  • Food
  • Furniture
  • Additives for tire Industry
  • Textiles
  • And many others
Loadrunner® Features
  • High-performance. Provides heavy-duty strength for many types of applications, is 30 lbs. lighter than wood (on average), withstands most refrigerator and freezer applications.
  • Export Ready. Meets all phyto-sanitary ISP requirements, reduces freight cost due to less weight, absorbs vibration to protect products
  • Hygienic. Eliminates contamination from saw dust or wood chips, is ideal for sensitive environments including clean rooms
  • Safety. Meets all OSHA requirements, reduces injuries from splinters, nails and staples, weighs less so is more ergonomic
  • Serving a wide range of Industries with FIBC’s

    Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs) offer convenient packaging methods for transporting dry, flowable products typically in powder, flake or granular form. They are manufactured to meet specific user requirements and classified based on product performance characteristics.

Conitex Sonoco Mexico
S de RL de CV
Eje Ote. Pte. Mz. III Lt.8
Zona Industrial, Tizayuca Hgo.
Mexico ZC 43800
Phone: +52 (779) 7963881
Fax:+52 (779) 7963884