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Coyote Logistics

Jeff Silver
CEO and Co-founder

Coyote’s mission is to offer the best third-party logistics experience ever. We use creativity and industry experience to drive value, optimize solutions, and deliver unprecedented customer service. No Excuses. Coyote identifies and leverages the most efficient mode of transportation for every shipment, every time it moves.

Our vision is to position Coyote as the largest, fully scaled, centralized network in North America. Coyote invests in the future—we call this smarter logistics. Every decision that we make today is based on a long-term growth strategy. That includes hiring decisions, training programs, customized technology, strategy services, and intense customer service.

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Coyote was born to bring a new life to the logistics industry. Coyote is the fastest-growing logistics company in the US for a reason. When we commit to a load, we move it. Period. No Excuses. We work with more than 40,000 prequalified local, regional, and national carriers, which help us identify and execute the right equipment match for every dry, refrigerated, flatbed, TL, LTL, and IMDL shipment—for the right rate, right mode, and overall optimal experience, every time. Our dense nationwide capacity is one of the biggest in the industry, but we execute with the personalized service model of a niche provider.

Coyote offers an incomparable supply chain service to shippers throughout North America. Our centralized freight-moving model is the new standard for the transportation industry. To drive optimization, Coyote has structured its capacity organization to maximize backhaul opportunities, build strong relationships, and closely track and predict spot market rate fluctuations.

Coyote works as an extension of your logistics arm, providing a premium service for all consultative, executional, and transactional supply chain needs. Coyote is proud to plan, analyze, execute, and improve to ensure your supply chain runs as efficiently as possible.

Coyote Logistics
2545 W. Diversey Ave, Floor 3
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 365-8983