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DSC Logistics

Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Ann Drake
CEO, DSC Logistics

DSC Logistics

Recognized for sustainability achievements with 12 awards in past 5 years.

Ann Drake has launched an industry-wide leadership initiative.

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For more than a decade, DSC Logistics has been “beating the drum” for collaboration between companies and their supply chain partners.

At first, it made people nervous. How would this work? How can we possibly overcome the barriers that separate one company from another?

But, as we all know, businesses face constant change. No company can “plan” its way to success. The best way to ensure the supply chain flexibility and agility companies need to succeed is to develop a strong partnership based on open communication, collaboration and trust.

At DSC, we developed a Partnership Process that takes the uncertainty and angst out of true collaboration.

Who does it work for?

Industry-leading Fortune 500 companies with innovation as their top priority.

A privately held company with exceptional growth.

Companies who face intense competition and who use their supply chain as a competitive advantage.

Companies turning unexpected circumstances into unforeseen opportunities. And others.

What do they say about our


“We have never seen this level of detail or definition with any provider before.”

“We can’t tell where DSC starts and our company stops.”

“DSC had a vision for how our companies could broaden our partnership and brought it to life.”

“I don’t even think there’s a name for what DSC Logistics does for us and they have been doing it for 10 straight years.”

In 2014, we’ll continue to build and strengthen strategic partnerships with dynamic, forward-thinking companies. We’ll continue to help our customers achieve their business goals:

  • Reducing total system costs
  • Improving service to customers
  • Transforming business processes
  • Increasing business agility
  • and responsiveness
  • Facilitating growth, change and innovation.

Because collaboration works!

DSC Logistics
1750 South Wolf Road
Des Plaines, IL 60018