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Dupré Logistics, LLC

Dupré Logistics is a team of professionals who design and deliver safe, diversified logistics solutions and services for quality-focused clients committed to increasing their competitive advantage over their competition.

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“The problems we have today cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we had when we created them.”–Albert Einstein

As companies have survived the “great recession” they’ve learned that they must find ways to get more, produce more, and enhance performance–all while facing more challenges and having access to fewer resources at the same time. Dealing with this challenge is one of the top 3 issues facing management teams today; and is especially important for companies looking for growth.

Today, shippers deal with an unprecedented set of challenges, including:

  • Constrained capacity
  • Restricted capital
  • Increased regulation
  • Reduced pool of qualified drivers
  • Higher transportation costs
  • Unprecedented time pressures

Leading manufacturers and distributors realize that the logistics and supply chain function represents a critical, yet often latent, opportunity to enhance and exploit a company’s competitive advantage. The fundamental commonality among these leading companies is how they view their logistics function through the prism of making investments, rather than incurring expenses.

Traditional, tactical approaches to logistics management are not enough to enable companies to overcome these barriers. Solving these problems requires an integrated, holistic approach.

It requires taking a long-term, full-view approach to logistics management, understanding and embracing a total cost viewpoint rather than a zero-sum, “minimize the line-item” approach.

Companies that take such a strategic approach to logistics, and give the logistics function the “seat at the table” it deserves, will enjoy considerable operational advantages that will give them superior control over their costs, greater predictability and a vastly improved competitive position.

Integrating Business Acumen With Logistics Savvy

For more than 30 years, Dupré Logistics, LLC has enabled manufacturers and distributors to eliminate the invisible costs that occur in their distribution and supply chain processes.

Through our unique approach to comprehensive logistics support and management, our clients enjoy increased productivity and permanently decreased cost structures, as they become more competitive and profitable.

If you were to ask our clients how Dupré is able to deliver results others haven’t, they’ll tell you it’s because we take a business approach to logistics, rather than a logistics approach to business. They’ll tell you it’s the distinct combination of our people, process, technology and overall approach that drives results.

  • People: Our people combine business savvy with logistics know-how to provide companies the capabilities they need to compete and win in highly competitive, globalized markets.
  • Process: We begin by understanding what truly drives your business results. Then we collaborate to design and implement an optimized logistics process that works for you.
  • Technology: Our technology platform provides your business clarity and transparency. We’re able to identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies and issues—solving problems before they happen.
  • Approach: Our overall approach not only drives great results for clients, it’s earned us recognition for best practices in safety and transportation from the American Trucking Associations, including the 2010 President’s Award and the 2011 National Safety Director of the Year Award.

Dupré Logistics, LLC
Corporate Headquarters
201 Energy Parkway, Suite 500
Lafayette, LA 70508