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Gray Peaks, Inc.

Tim Sensenig

Smart logistics management understands that creating simplicity in complex supply chains is best; but simple is hard work. Gray Peaks works with its clients around the world to deliver solutions with fewer, more automated steps to cut time and cost from their logistics operations.

Gray Peaks architects and designs global and domestic supply chain applications utilizing technology innovation, which today means Software-as-a-Service from the cloud. We think of this as Logistics Process-as-a-Service, facilitating clients to manage an end-to-end collaborative process of both transaction and communication with transparency and visibility. Our global Consulting Services deliver advisory, strategic assessments, supply chain re-engineering, and project management and implementation services to deliver sustained supply chain improvements.

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At Gray Peaks, we never forget that every transfer of goods, whether a multi-leg international move under a Letter of Credit or a stock transfer between two of a company’s warehouses, is at its core a transfer of costs and risks. In each transaction, there are four flows–cargo, document, funds and information–that must be managed in order to complete successfully. Every organization involved in the movement of goods requires a comprehensive and appropriate set of technologies to manage these primary flows so that freight planning, collaboration, execution, invoice settlement and risk management may take place seamlessly, delivering day-to-day operational control.

Application System Design, Support and Maintenance

Our technology development provides architecture design, software development and SaaS delivery of logistics solutions, control towers and e-commerce platforms. Our off-shore center can deliver products, application extensions and bespoke developments, as well as application maintenance and sun-set support.

  • On-Demand Logistics Applications: Cloud WMS and TMS applications that are cost-effective and deliver rapid time-to-value with quick deployment.  Each solution is easy to personalize with self-service configuration to support multiple business processes.
  • Application Maintenance & Support: Off-shore support for your applications, especially to outsource legacy applications that require significant maintenance effort and migration to your new platform.
  • Logistics Business Process Outsourcing: Our transportation expertise off-shore also can provide business process outsourcing, such as invoice entry and matching, rate and tariff maintenance, and commercial invoice entry.
Consulting Services

Unlike pure supply chain consultants providing advisory support, we additionally can project manage and implement freight logistics solutions that we recommend or you have selected, to deliver sustained logistics improvements. From strategic assessments to optimization tuning and upgrades, our experienced and successful consultants can help you locally and globally.

  • Transportation Strategy & Advisory: Expertise in port logistics, free trade zones, network design, distributed order management and logistics process redesign; also warehouse layout design and distribution network optimization.
  • TMS Practice: Extensive experience with major applications, such as Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) and JDA’s i2 and expertise with Routing & Scheduling applications and Real-time Scheduling for home delivery, together with mobile and tracking systems. Our SaaS WMS and Cargo Warehouse solutions deliver rapid returns.
  • Customs & Compliance Practice: We have deep knowledge of Freight Forwarding applications, Customs, Global Compliance, PO Management, tracking and visibility.

Gray Peaks
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