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Kane is Able, Inc.

Pete Westermann
President and CEO

KANE (Kane Is Able) is a third-party logistics provider that makes retail supply chains more efficient. KANE’s nationwide distribution solution includes integrated distribution, packaging, workforce management and transportation solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of consumer goods manufacturers and their retail customers.

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Kane’s business is making retail and grocery supply chains more efficient. So your biggest challenges–inventory management, promotion support, routing guide compliance, multi-channel distribution–are our bread and butter. KANE’s core logistics services are tightly integrated to give you a single-source solution, nationwide.


Dedicated and multi-client facilities. Ambient and temperature-controlled space. Bulk and pick/pack fulfillment. Sophisticated workforce management solution improves performance while reducing labor costs 10%-20%.


Final packaging services include simple kitting and POP assembly to high-speed, automated packaging. By performing packaging in the DC, KANE customers have reduced supply chain costs 30% and cut 7 days off delivery cycle time.


Combined asset and non-asset solutions for ambient, chilled and frozen deliveries. KANE serves many small and mid-sized shippers who co-locate inventory at a KANE DC and share truck space to reduce the cost and carbon impact of final mile delivery.

Stauffer Industrial Park
Scranton, PA 18501
888.356.KANE (5263)