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LMS Logistics

Dennis Schoemehl

Mission Statement

Enabling manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to gain competitive advantages through optimal transportation management, LMS offers advanced technology and results-oriented services that help shippers improve their safety, service and financial performance.

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Supply Chain Solutions

LMS offers customized outsourcing solutions for shippers looking to gain competitive advantages through transportation management. Whether you are looking to outsource your entire supply chain operations, or simply augment a transportation staff, LMS can customize a solution to meet your operational objectives. Unlike other providers, LMS does not offer fixed service and technology options. Instead, we use a combination of offerings that best addresses client objectives. We never recommend unnecessary technology or services, and our stringent performance tracking ensures we deliver bottom-line results and continuously seek opportunities for performance improvements.

Transportation Technology Solutions

LMS’ proprietary transportation management system, TOTAL, is a Web-native system that draws on LMS’ dual expertise in transportation management and Internet technology. Unlike other TMS products, TOTAL does not require a large investment or lengthy implementation period. It yields measurable results to deliver a quick ROI–usually in less than 90 days.

The system is available in an on-demand (ASP) format or as part of an outsourced offering wherein LMS transportation planners use TOTAL to direct and manage shipping operations. A modular system, TOTAL offers numerous components that are designed to operate autonomously or collectively for a complete transportation management package. Each component seamlessly integrates with existing TMS, WMS and ERP systems.

Many companies, including BASF, Monsanto, and Johnson & Johnson, rely on TOTAL to maximize their freight operations.

Intermodal and Brokerage Solutions

LMS, a non-asset-based provider and IMC, leverages substantial buying power, vast carrier and rail networks and Web-based technology to ensure your freight moves in the safest, most efficient and most economical means possible. Through LMS, you can meet your customers’ expectations while reducing transportation costs and gaining visibility to your shipments.

LMS Logistics
1 City Place Suite 415
Saint Louis, MO, 63141