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Netwin Solutions

Anand Raghavendran
President and CEO

“At Netwin Solutions, we believe in strong, healthy partnerships. We are in constant touch with our clients and work alongside them to help boost their global trade management efficiencies, compliance and partnerships, often also helping to make a difference in their bottom lines.”
–Anand Raghavendran, President and CEO

Mission Statement: The Customer Comes First.

To empower our customers to manage efficient logistics and customs operations through robust, easy-to-use global trade management solutions and outstanding support.

To be our customers’ “Partners in Success.”


“We like working with GTKonnect because they are always willing to work with us to meet our needs. GTKonnect allows us to input, send and receive information from any customer site. We can log in to the system from wherever we are, making it very convenient and easy to collaborate.”–Ryan K. Rodgers, Director of Global Consulting Services, Centrx

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About Netwin Solutions and GTKonnect

A leader in global trade management, Netwin Solutions, Inc. draws on over 20 years of helping customers to ensure efficient logistics and customs operations. The company specializes in collaborating with certified compliance brokers, import managers and international trade managers to help retail, manufacturing, electronics, food/beverage, and other companies with flexible solutions to meet their global trade management needs.

Netwin Solutions’ custom, state-of-the-art GTKonnect suite of global trade management software is designed to support the needs of self-filing importers/exporters and service providers to improve operational efficiencies through automation, integration and collaboration. Flexible solutions help customers to simplify the process of managing imports, exports and trade agreements.

Specific areas Netwin Solutions’ technologies address include:

  • ISF
  • PO and Invoice Entry
  • Trade Data Manager (Parts Master)
  • Global Security Programs (C-TPAT)
  • FTZ
  • Trade Program Management
  • Imports
  • Denied Party Screening
  • Exports
  • Post Entry Management
  • Protest
  • Drawback
  • Reconciliation
  • Supply Chain Partner Management

In addition to being modular and flexible, Netwin Solutions’ GTKonnect software offers:

  • Hybrid models to support responsibilities of both importers/exporters as well as those of service providers.
  • In-house hosting or cloud based options.
  • Intuitive, user-friendly screens, minimizing training and enabling easy collaboration.
  • Defaults and validations, eliminating the need for data entry in specified areas.
  • Notifications and alerts, giving users complete, instant visibility.
  • Dynamic reporting based on user-defined parameters.
  • Easy integration with external applications.
  • Layered security and restrictions throughout.

    Netwin Solutions software is backed by its quality IT consulting services. Clients also have access to its global trade database.

    Clients include DHL, UTi Worldwide, Boeing, Skechers, Meijer, Mitsui, Alcoa, Molex, Johnson & Johnson, Wheat Group, Mattel Inc., Mitsubishi Motors North America, Volkswagen of America, Subaru of America.

    The company has offices in Irvine, California, Hyderabad and Chennai, India. For a free consulting session on your global trade needs, email or call to speak directly to an expert.

Netwin Solutions
41 Corporate Park, Ste. 240
Irvine, CA 92606
Phone: 714-903-2121
Fax: 714-903-2525
Twitter: @GTKonnect
Facebook: GTKonnect
LinkedIn: Netwin Solutions, Inc.