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Paragon Software Systems, Inc.

William Salter
President & CEO

Mission Statement:

Paragon Software Systems is committed to developing, implementing and supporting routing and scheduling software solutions that meet the real needs of today’s transportation operators, and working with its customers to achieve tangible operational benefits.

LinkedIn Profile

Paragon Software Systems, Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of Paragon Software Systems plc–an independent UK company dedicating 100% of its business to the continued development, implementation and support of optimization solutions for routing and scheduling, resource management, transportation execution, logistics modeling and home delivery. With over 30 years’ experience implementing more than 2,300 systems at over 750 client sites in 45 countries, ranging from small distributors to leading logistics companies, large retailers and international operators, Paragon provides versatile software with advanced routing and scheduling optimization to help businesses cut transportation costs, improve productivity, reduce carbon emissions and raise customer service levels.

Versatile software for transportation optimization & execution

Paragon’s highly flexible and configurable software solutions provide transportation optimization and execution capabilities across a wide range of industry sectors. The software is used for planning, optimizing and managing transportation schedules on a daily basis; rationalizing fixed routes; managing transportation resources; planning and modeling at strategic level in own-fleet operations and 3PL business development; managing home delivery orders with continuous routing and scheduling optimization; and managing the execution of the transportation plan in real time using vehicle tracking technology.

Implementation and support expertise

Paragon’s highly skilled team of dedicated implementation consultants has completed hundreds of software implementations across its diverse customer base. Our team has the experience to help you deploy the software quickly and effectively in your operation, so that the financial and operational benefits can soon start to accrue.

The result–tangible benefits

As well as cutting transportation costs and improving operational efficiency by up to 20%, the Paragon software also enables companies to shorten order lead times, generate more consistent transportation schedules, reduce total distance traveled and fuel used, save spot-hire costs, smooth warehouse workloads for greater efficiency, and reduce carbon emissions.

Paragon Software Systems, Inc.
2591 Dallas Parkway, Suite 300
Frisco, TX 75034
Tel: 972-731-4308
Contact: Jim Endres