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PSS Distribution Services, Inc.

Gary Borne

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Mission Statement:

PSS Distribution Services, Inc. employees are committed to providing reliable distribution, transportation and value-added services while maintaining a safe work environment at an acceptable level of return.

To facilitate continuous improvement and increase customer satisfaction by identifying, communicating, training and promoting the use of quality principles and technologies; and be recognized as a champion for public and contract warehousing and third party logistics services.

We promptly and efficiently inspect, count, track, and service all shipments to customer specifications.

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Based in the heart of the Northeast region, PSS Distribution Services continues to develop into the premier third party logistics provider in the region.

With 1 million square feet, PSS has continued to experience extensive growth in the areas of food, grocery and consumer products.

PSS had several accomplishments in 2011, including the installation and implementation of over 2000 solar panels on its Jamesburg, N.J. corporate headquarters in an effort to continue the Corporate commitment to our environment and demonstrate the company's goal to assist the sustainability efforts of our clients. The goal for 2012 is to roll out this technology to the rest of the network.

Continued investment in technology and equipment were also a highlight of 2011. With the acquisition of additional equipment in the areas of packaging and assembly, the company is recognizing significant growth in this area.

Display assembly, bar-code creation and development, kitting, labeling and cluster packaging services continue to expand in the PSS Network.

Expanded use of voice-pick technology in the areas of replenishment, put-aways, and cycle counting are allowing for increased efficiencies in these areas.

Powered by Softeon, PSS continues to expand its use of the tools that Softeon has to offer, including labor management, kitting and, in 2012, the conversion of the transportation division, PSS Transportation Company, to Softeon. This conversion will allow PSS clients total real-time visibility in the services provided.

Located between New York, N.Y., and Philadelphia, Pa., PSS is a key component in the supply chain of its clients. Inventory control, shelf life management, and providing the best in distribution services remains the company's main focus.

PSS Transportation continues to experience significant growth in the area of Direct Store Delivery programs, time sensitive delivery, and consolidation into the major grocery and retail distribution centers in the Mid-Atlantic region.

The combination of modern AIB audited facilities, packaging and assembly services, transportation services and 21st century real-time technology will assist PSS in continued growth in the region.

PSS Distribution Services, Inc.
121 Ridge Road
Dayton, NJ 08810
Phone: 732-992-1300
Fax: 732-992-1319