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Railex, LLC

Railex was born in 2006 to reduce dependency on long-haul trucks while linking manufacturers, shippers, retailers and distributors via consistent, fast and “green” temperature-controlled transportation.

Since its founding Railex has:

  • Initiated 1,030 train starts
  • Transported 41,482 rail cars coast to coast
  • Saved 407,960,459 long-haul freight miles
  • Taken 145,756 long-haul trucks off the road
  • Reduced carbon emissions by 1,268,080 metric tons
  • Decreased fuel usage by 64,848,815 gallons

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Railex is a full-service, temperature-controlled, national transportation and logistics solution that includes multi-modal, storage and distribution, repacking, inventory control and forward distribution services. We coordinate all aspects of supply chain services from point of origination to point of destination, including short hauls and 3PL services.

Cold Logistics Made Easy
  • Complete multi-modal logistics solution offers shippers care, custody and control of their inventory
  • Private and secure temperature controlled unit train ships nationwide with fresh air exchange and GPS tracking
  • State-of-the-art refrigerated transload centers ensure the cold chain is never broken
  • Mixed commodity shipping; all pack sizes and weights (bins, totes, RPCs, euro-pack, etc)
  • Pallet driven system for FTL and LTL shipping
  • Web-based inventory access and cutting edge inventory control system
  • In-house truck logistics team for inbound/outbound freight
  • 3PL services including 5 days of free warehousing and forward distribution ensure just-in-time delivery

Railex, LLC