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Joe Baker

SmartFreightWare believes that people spend too much time and money on shipping. Shipping is complicated with multiple modes, carriers, rates and services. SmartFreightWare reduces the complexity and simplifies routing decisions, tendering, tracking, managing and reporting. Our cloud-based TMS is ideal for the 3PL, shipper, forwarder or carrier. Since 2001, our experience has set us apart.

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For more than 10 years, SmartFreightWare has provided state-of-the-art web-based TMS solutions to 3PLs, shippers, forwarders and carriers. Through practical experience and in-depth knowledge of 3PL operations, SmartFreightWare has developed rich, robust and flexible cloud-based transportation management software capable of managing the full life cycle of shipments.

SmartFreightWare prides itself on our fluid and intuitive user interfaces. 3PLs, shippers, forwarders and carriers need to focus on their core business and not learning how to use and configure software. SmartFreightWare will provide turn-key solutions specific to your needs, including integrating into proprietary systems. SmartFreightWare is staffed with industry veterans with in-depth knowledge of technology and logistics. Combining practical real-world experience with a robust and an easy-to-use interface sets us apart from our competitors.

The SmartFreightWare rate engine is the most robust in the industry and can manage any type of carrier contract. The rate engine supports to-the-penny rating across all modes compiling base rates, accessorial rates, customized fuel surcharges and combination rates. Coupled with SmartFreightWare API capabilities, the TMS can handle a wide variety of rating scenarios and audit functions.

The TMS is organized into three major portals.

  • Admin Portal: 3PLs and Forwarders use this portal to manage their customers’ shipping activity. They can manage quoting, booking, planning, tracking, and exceptions on behalf of customers, as well as generate reports, tracking key customer service metrics and milestones. 3PLs and Forwarders can pro-actively monitor shipment status, record activities, pro-actively alert clients, plan multi-stop, pool distribution or cross dock activities. Robust audit tools are available for processing invoices and electronic interfaces are available to customers and carriers. 3PLs and Forwarders use the rate engine to manage all contracts by account and can engage clients seamlessly and in a customizable fashion. The Admin Portal provides all the tools a 3PL needs to manage their business, including agent management.
  • Customer Portal: Shippers want the ability to obtain accurate rates, book shipments, tender to carriers, track and report on demand. This simple, yet powerful, portal allows shippers to manage their shipping process when and how they want. These tools can easily be incorporated into a shipper’s ERP, order management, WMS or other proprietary system. It was designed to optimize planning while avoiding time-consuming phone calls.
  • Carrier Portal: For carriers who do not have EDI or web service capabilities, the carrier portal is an excellent vehicle to engage carriers for shipment tender, tracking and invoice approval.

19310 Midland Drive
Shawnee, KS 66218