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Suntek Systems Inc.

The Logistics Software Company

Mr. MJ Kim
Logistics Specialist

Logistics Software Solutions

  • iLogisys FMS
  • iLogisys WMS
  • iLogisys CHB/ABI
  • iLogisys AMS/ACI
  • iLogisys ISF
  • iLogisys Fulfillment
  • iLogisys CRM

Suntek is a logistics software company offering the best logistics management software solution, iLogisys™, to logistics solution providers by utilizing our flexible supply chain platform. Suntek makes your complicated logistics process–from order placement to final delivery–simple and innovative. Companies of any size benefit from our productive, informative, and manageable supply chain tool in a fast-changing logistics industry.

Powerful Supply Chain Visibility

Supply chain management requires the orchestration of information and cargo movement across an increasingly large number of logistics and trading partners. Specific information related to products, P.O.s and physical shipments including transport and logistics activities, and status of events and milestones, must be managed efficiently for better supply chain visibility. But implementing visibility cannot be achieved in a day and requires more focused endeavor. The flagship solution, iLogisys™, enables our customers and trading partners to control their extensive supply chain visibility and enhance overall performance.

Easy B2B Collaboration

B2B collaboration is no longer optional because of the rising complexity of the operation and the increasing service demands from customers. Eliminating the barriers to sharing information between logistics partners and trading partners allows them to streamline their operation and reduce the wasted resources. iLogisys™ helps our customers to implement B2B collaboration from order easily by utilizing EDI capability. B2B collaboration is not a simple task for companies, though.

Business Intelligence Software for the Logistics Providers

As the fast-changing logistics industry requires managers to access the various information of operational or financial reports, the real-time reports help them gain insight into new business issues. Business intelligence reports of operations and finance enable managers to find the information they need within the timeframe they require in order to drive their decisions. Furthermore, the streamlined process from invoicing to accounting eliminates the human error of duplicated entry and meets their reporting and analytics needs.

Suntek Systems Inc.
7595 Irvine Center Drive
Suite 110
Irvine, CA 92618
Tel: 1-949-789-0070
Fax: 1-949-789-0078