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TMW Systems, Inc.

David W. Wangler
President & CEO

Our Business Vision

TMW solutions are domain-specific; designed, developed and maintained exclusively to meet the needs of the transportation industry. Our platforms serve as the technology backbone upon which our customers’ operations rely. We can automate and improve the workflow and processes of every aspect of a customer’s business–from order to cash–including a myriad of transportation-specific requirements and business processes. We work closely with our customers during product development, ensuring innovation that is truly customer-driven. Our market leadership, mission-critical platform technology and domain expertise place TMW at the heart of a broader transportation technology ecosystem generating business value for our customers. Our network of partners exceeds 175 technology and service providers that help TMW Systems to extend and expand our customers’ business capabilities.

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TMW Systems hosts the annual TransForum User Conference.

TMW Systems is focused on providing mission-critical enterprise software and robust routing and scheduling tools for high-performing transportation operations. TMW serves over 2,300 customers in North America today, from large, sophisticated transportation organizations to hundreds of smaller local and regional operations.

The physical transport of freight is a complex and dynamic process. Coordinating information among trading partners, managing documents moving in parallel with the freight and tracking financial accounting obligations incurred in route requires constant updates along with the flow of goods. Amplifying these complexities are the variability of equipment and labor, regulatory compliance, weather, accelerated sourcing and distribution networks and market pricing pressures. Transportation organizations must continuously monitor operational and financial performance in order to respond to exceptions and developing trends in real-time.

TMW’s unique transportation management platform enhances customer service, improves driver and asset productivity and helps companies manage operational risk and regulatory compliance. Continual technology investment by TMW delivers steadily expanding functionality for customers to address critical pain points and to generate tangible ROI with the following key benefits:

  • Lower Transportation Costs. By improving route optimization of last mile deliveries and increased utilization of trailer capacity, total transportation costs are lowered by 4-6 percent.
  • Reduced Fuel Spend. By guiding fleets to least-cost fuel purchase locations within a trip, typical savings average 4-7cents per gallon over unaided purchases, or average savings of $1,000 per tractor per year.
  • Improved Asset Utilization. By reducing empty miles, increasing revenue per mile, making better load assignment decisions and allocating resources more effectively. Average results from TMW technology reduces empty miles by 10 percent, increases revenue per mile by 5 percent.
  • Reduced Asset Maintenance Costs. Capturing maintenance data in real time, for repair history information, cost reporting by vehicle maintenance report system (VMRS) codes, unit lifecycle cost reporting, regulatory compliance and compliance management reporting, typical reductions of 10 percent on asset maintenance costs are realized.
  • Increased Revenue. Supporting multiple transportation modes, services and operations on a single technology platform, TMW customers can grow business with expanded revenue sources and minimal IT deployment costs.
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction. Through software tools that increase on-time delivery, lower cost and enable electronic information exchange, TMW customers report over 20 percent higher customer satisfaction.

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TMW Systems, Inc.
6085 Parkland Blvd.
Mayfield Heights, OH 44124
(800) 401-6682