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Nicholas Carretta

Company Mission:

To be an indispensable business partner to our clients–leading names in food & beverage production, retail product manufacturing, bottling/packaging production and other industries–delivering and tirelessly supporting intelligent, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for the efficient management of both inbound and outbound transportation across all modes.

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UltraShipTMS Suite

UltraShipTMS bridges the divide between transportation management tools and private/dedicated fleet management tools with a single-source solution designed to accommodate both. With rapid, easy implementation, UltraShipTMS integrates with all relevant systems such as ERP, WMS, EDI/communications and payroll. Unlimited support and training is included at no extra charge for the lifetime of the solution making UltraShipTMS a steadfast partner, dedicated to driving significant cost savings and efficiencies across the supply chain. Engage any of the individual modules below as a stand-alone or implement the entire suite for maximum effect.

Transportation Management System: UltraShipTMS transforms transportation into a strategic player in the supply chain, improving transportation processes–through automation–for complete spend visibility and operational control. The TMS solution captures significant cost savings and encourages optimal utilization of labor and equipment with minimal commitment of IT resources. Successful organizations leverage UltraShipTMS to automate and improve processes such as:

  • Rating, routing & tendering
  • Reverse logistics & backhauls
  • Scheduling
  • Private/dedicated fleet management
  • Freight audit/payment
  • Carrier & customer communications

UltraShipTMS includes robust reporting, transforming raw data into actionable intelligence for better planning and forecasting.

Private & Dedicated Fleet Management: UltraShipTMS brings unmatched private fleet management functionality to shippers employing a mixture of common carrier and private/dedicated fleets as part of a comprehensive TMS application. From dispatching, backhaul management and driver payroll to driver/equipment history, vehicle position monitoring and communications, UltraShipTMS is your single source solution.

Routing Guide, Carrier Selection & Tendering: UltraShipTMS’s intelligent, rules-based routing and tendering engines support any level of detail–no matter how granular–enabling automation of even the most complex supply chains. Automated “cascade tendering” cuts man-hours dedicated to this function by as much as 90%.

LoadFusion Optimizer: The American Business Awards’ “Transportation Product of the Year for 2013” and “People’s Choice Award” recipient–amplifies the results promised by supply chain management software. Easily view and compare routes, schedules and loading models in seconds! Consolidate orders, maximize cubes and plan continuous moves, ensuring the most cost-effective use of equipment and resources. LoadFusion is simply the best tool in the market for freight and route optimization, ensuring on-time shipments while reducing freight cost, miles and CO2 emissions.

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