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Will County Center for Economic Development

John Greuling
President and CEO

The Will County Center for Economic Development provides invaluable assistance to thousands of companies from across the world. Our team is instrumental in assisting in the creation of jobs, recruitment of new businesses, retention and expansion of existing businesses, and creating new investment in Will County, Illinois. We have done this by leveraging assets and fostering an incredible network of political allies, governmental representatives, corporate leaders, economic development professionals, and dedicated investors.

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The Will County Center for Economic Development has been the primary catalyst and a key player in transforming Will County, Illinois into a global transportation center and a prime destination for savvy logistics and transportation leaders.

In 2013, we helped Will County achieve the status of a global "multimodal" center. With a combination of rail, road, water and an infrastructure that can't be found anywhere else, we offer the perfect location for new or expanding companies. Five major Interstates, five Class One Railroads, and a major shipping channel connecting the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico are all within a stone's throw of each other.

We have worked with hundreds of companies whose success lies in logistics and transportation advantages. And we have room to grow. Our central-United States location and proximity to Chicago are just added benefits.

Will County CED has also helped our regions earn the esteemed status as the Largest Inland Container Port in North America. This status provides benefits to businesses seeking reliable connections to global markets, reduced transportation costs and supply chain diversification. As a result of continued investments and strategic leadership, Will County is on track to become North America's third largest maritime port in terms of container volume, only behind LA-Long Beach and New York City.

An inland port is defined as a combination of assets that make a region an attractive distribution hub, consolidation point, or destination for imported and exported goods—and we have that in spades. Exports are a key economic engine for the Will County region, with a value of almost $29 billion annually supporting 56,000 jobs. And exports continue to grow as more linkages are added to our transportation network.

In addition to our strategic global location, Will County has other significant economic development advantages including:

  • Available and Affordable Land
  • Over 150 million Square Feet of Industrial Space
  • Unsurpassed Highway, Rail, Water, and Air
  • Transportation Accessibility and Services
  • A Highly-skilled, Available Workforce
  • A Pro-Growth Attitude

The bottom line? Will County CED has the network and leadership that enables us to help companies locate, expand and thrive in one of the fastest growing regions in the world.

Will County Center for Economic Development
116 N. Chicago St., Suite 101
Joliet, IL 60432
Tel: 815/723-1800
Fax: 815/723-6972