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DSC Logistics

Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Ann Drake
CEO, DSC Logistics

Recipient of CSCMP’s Distinguished Service Award (2012)

Board member of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Supply Chain Innovative Network of Chicago (SINC)

Selected as one of nine 2014 Women Who Make a Difference by the International Women’s Forum (IWF)

DSC Logistics

Recognized for sustainability achievements with 16 awards in the past six years

Leadership initiative founded by Ann Drake now in its third year with 500-member network

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The world doesn’t stand still. By its very nature, the supply chain never stands still. In fact, there is probably no field as dynamic as supply chain. When you’re facing this constant discontinuity, the right supply chain partner can make a major difference in your success, enabling you to be both proactive and responsive. Today’s Dynamic Supply Chain leadership is all about people, partnership and performance.


When you choose a supply chain partner, the most valuable resource is the people. At DSC, we look for leaders with experience, skill and something else—the ability to see both the big picture and the details and to think of your business as if it was our business, too. For more than two decades, we’ve put talent at the top of our priorities, and our customer teams are made up of people who are smart, capable, analytical, practical and resolute in helping customers achieve their goals.


We firmly believe that together we can achieve things neither of us could alone. We know you bring a tremendous amount of knowledge to your supply chain, and we draw on expertise gained from working with some of the most sophisticated, most successful companies in the world. Our customer portfolio consists of Fortune 500 companies—and others who are growing every year. Most of our relationships go back more than a decade, yet we are continually exploring new approaches, new technology and new solutions. Collaborating and maintaining a strong relationship based on open communication and trust positions us to be agile, fluid and, as we like to say, ready for anything!


DSC’s combination of people and partnership gets results—and that’s what we mean by performance. Our safety record is outstanding, and our fulfillment accuracy, on-time shipping and inventory accuracy far exceed industry averages. Working with customers on comprehensive, customized solutions makes DSC more than an ordinary 3PL; we handle a wide range of complex operations at Logistics Centers throughout our nationwide network.

And when you consider people, partnership and performance, add one more quality: passion. We’re passionate about helping our customers achieve their goals in 2015.

We’re ready! Are you?

DSC Logistics
1750 South Wolf Road
Des Plaines, IL 60018