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Dan Clark
Founder and President

Kuebix Mission

Kuebix is changing the logistics industry by empowering businesses of all sizes with increased supply chain visibility and control through its next generation SaaS TMS.



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With Kuebix TMS, businesses of all sizes can get a complete transportation management solution quickly and affordably. Kuebix is mobile compatible and empowers visibility and collaboration that leads to increased efficiency.

Many TMS providers are moving their technology to the cloud, however few transportation management systems are truly cloud-based. In other words, most TMS options were not originally developed on cloud technology and don’t offer all the benefits of a true cloud-based system. Kuebix offers a ‘born on the cloud’ SaaS TMS that supports all transportation modes, serves as a central repository for all supply chain data, and includes a customer relationship management solution (CRM).

Back in 2007, freight industry veteran Dan Clark researched the available transportation management offerings and identified the need for a new breed of TMS that offers robust functionality, ease of use, a multi-tenant SaaS delivery model, and a low total cost of ownership. The Kuebix team began building their TMS on what has become the gold- standard of cloud technology, Salesforce’s platform. Kuebix TMS is unique in that it is well suited for smaller companies, but will scale for the largest enterprises or the most complex supply chains. Companies start with Kuebix’s core TMS, a next generation logistics solution offering freight management, financial management and analytics. More complex supply chains can then add Premier Apps and Integrations to configure the ideal TMS for their exact business needs.

Through its ability to connect with any data source from complex ERP systems to 3rd party systems such as produce temperature control sensors, Kuebix becomes the central control tower and data repository for a company’s entire domestic & international supply chain. With Kuebix, every stakeholder in a supply chain can analyze real-time data within Kuebix cloud-based portals in order to collaborate and rapidly make decisions. Kuebix also offers Managed Services with unique revenue generating programs to companies looking to partially or fully outsource transportation management. Kuebix has established a significant presence in the grocery, retail, distribution and manufacturing industries working with companies such as Weis Markets, Sensata Technologies, Yankee Candle and H.C. Starck.

5 Mill & Main Place 
Maynard, MA 01754