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Amber Road

Jim Preuninger

Mission Statement

Amber Road’s (NYSE: AMBR) mission is to improve the way companies manage their international supply chains and conduct global trade. As a leading provider of cloud based global trade management (GTM) solutions, we automate the global supply chain across sourcing, logistics, cross-border trade, and regulatory compliance activities to dramatically improve operating efficiencies and financial performance.


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Global Trade Management today is more than just international trade compliance. Companies need to look end-to-end to derive the most value from a GTM investment. With Amber Road you can assemble a solution that cuts across global sourcing, supply chain risk, logistics and trade compliance processes.

Our GTM solution is a cloud-based platform that plans, optimizes and executes all aspects of global trade. It has the broadest functional footprint of any GTM solution in the market.

Our solutions also incorporate in-house sourced, country-specific regulatory trade content, gathered, interpreted and updated on a daily basis by Amber Road’s seasoned trade professionals.

Managing successful supplier relationships requires a great deal of collaboration. Given the added complexity of global vs. domestic shipments - different languages and time zones, longer lead times, complex trade regulations - collaborating with foreign suppliers is even more difficult and more important.

Our GTM software suite is comprised of solutions to automate and manage business processes for:

  • Global Sourcing: Streamline real-time visibility with brands, retailers and suppliers to improve the planning, forecasting, and raw material reservation processes.
  • Risk & Quality Management: Accurately determine that all trading partners are in compliance with regulatory requirements and standards defined for product safety and quality that reflect the importance of the brand.
  • Production Management: Achieve greater visibility, become more agile and competitive, and reduce sourcing costs across the board.
  • Transportation Management: Identify and remove inefficiencies resulting in shorter cycle times and less variability, helping companies reduce transportation costs, while improving service levels and transit times.
  • Supply Chain Visibility: Connect importers and exporters with their overseas suppliers, logistics providers, brokers, and carriers.
  • Export Management: Automate the end-to-end export process to reduce export compliance risks and improve export efficiencies.
  • Import Management: Automate import activities and provide critical information for decision makers, including the data needed to measure key performance indicators.
  • Duty Management: Simplify and automate the qualification and administration process of preferential trade programs along with managing Foreign-Trade Zones.

By centralizing and automating these processes, Amber Road accelerates the movement of goods across international borders, enhances compliance and reduces global supply chain costs.