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Founded in 1924, Neopost has grown to become a leading global provider of mailing and shipping solutions as well as digital communications management. We partner with organizations of all sizes in every industry. Our fastest growing product segments improve many business-critical processes that occur outside of the traditional mail center.

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Neopost USA provides hardware and software to mailers and shippers of all sizes. The company is renowned for its Neopost-brand technology-based solutions that help organizations manage their digital business communications documents and processes. Neopost solutions allow customers to streamline, enhance and improve essential business- critical processes that occur outside of the mail center.

Neopost USA offers mailing and shipping solutions as well as digital communications management solutions to organizations of all sizes in every industry. Neopost-brand solutions enable businesses to send and receive physical mail, digital documents and traceable packages confidently and economically. More importantly, Neopost solutions help its customers connect with their customers by establishing one-to-one business relationships.

Outbound Shipping Solutions

We help retailers and enterprises at every stage of the parcel-delivery process – from choosing the right carrier to tracking of the exact location of recipients’ orders. Our shipping knowledge and expertise give you new ways to make deliveries more convenient for your customers.

  • NeoShip ensures USPS® IM®pb compliance for your package shipping requirements.
  • Enhanced Mailing and Shipping gives you the power to ship efficiently as well as an unparallelled tracking capability your customers expect.
  • Enterprise Shipping System allows users in any of your company’s locations to choose a shipping carrier, select the most economical shipping price and create shipments straight from their desktops.
  • ProShip Software, a scalable, multi-carrier shipping solution that can handle multiple origins, carriers, modes and service types, can optimize your transportation processes, reduce costs, increase visibility and reduce errors.
  • DimStation, our small- footprint, solid-state line of dimensioning solutions, excels in speed and performance.

Inbound Receiving Solutions

Neopost’s Web Tracking System tracks the internal movement of every parcel your company receives. WTS dramatically improves the management of your company’s inbound workflow process by increasing reliability, accelerating productivity and decreasing costs.

Deliver Differently

Packcity intelligent parcel lockers, accessible 24 hours a day/seven days a week, make it easy for students living on-campus, employees in large work environments, residential building tenants and online consumers to pick-up and drop-off parcels in convenient, secure locations.

Contact Neopost USA when you need custom-tailored technology-based mailing, shipping and document management solutions. We can help you send, receive and connect with your customers via physical mail, parcels and digital communications management.

478 Wheelers Farms Road
Milford, CT 06461