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OOCL Logistics

Ricky Giovannone

As a world-class provider of innovative logistics and supply-chain services and solutions, OOCL Logistics has an extensive network of more than 130 offices in over 30 countries. With our recent inclusion of offices in Mexico, Central and South America and trans-continental intermodal services between China and Western Russia our network continues to expand to meet the evolving global sourcing needs and logistics requirements of our clients.

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Vision + Execution = Your Supply Chain Success  

The challenges of supply chain management require collaborative strategies encompassing demand, suppliers, nance and a wide range of service providers. Providing advanced customer- speci c solutions through our value-creating services and supply chain management IT, OOCL Logistics serves global sourcing and transportation requirements. We are also a leader in providing comprehensive transportation, warehousing and distribution services in China, offering expert 3PL and 4PL solutions.

Data and Experience-driven Engineering

OOCL Logistics Supply Chain Engineering studies deliver detailed data-rich reviews of your current supply chain operations, container utilization, vendor performance, lead times, and related costs and can include process review and mapping. Using data- driven methodologies and experience-based practical knowledge, OOCL Logistics gives you insights into your supply chain and designs solutions to help you meet your supply chain goals.

Success depends on execution – SCOPE and Supply Chain-Insight

OOCL Logistics combines experience, global services, best practices, analysis and consultation to implement programs that make the vision a reality in your supply chain.

OOCL Logistics has continued to enhance Supply Chain-Insight, our supply chain intelligence tool integrated into PODIUM®. Insight easily identifies deviations from expectations through indicators that continuously measure your supply chain. Insight provides near real-time monitoring of your supply chain community and KPI across various dimensions and provides easy to understand graphical analysis of shipment, carrier and vendor activities with detailed, downloadable data on demand.

To ensure you are on top of your logistics business process, OOCL Logistics provides SCOPE (Supply Chain Optimization and Performance Evaluation) business review meetings and webcasts to personally keep you abreast the of status of your supply chain.

Capability, Expertise and Experience

As a logistics partner, OOCL Logistics offers the expertise and experience backed by a global network of professionals to bring every customer a complete menu of capabilities.

■ Supply Chain Management – consultation, consolidation, shipment management and specialized programs.

■ Airfreight – expanded in 2016 to encompass the wide range of air services necessary to move cargo quickly. OOCL Logistics provides multiple service options depending on your air cargo service needs and transit times.

■ NVOCC and Freight- Forwarding – ocean transportation and value added services with a single reliable logistics provider.

■ Warehousing, Distribution and Transportation – coordinating complex supply chain requirements.

PODIUM® Supply Chain IT Highlights

■ Advanced IT - PODIUM® cloud technologies for powerful, scalable solutions, including advanced report building capabilities

■ A robust easy-to-use dashboard

■ eDocument creation and management –including commercial invoices and packing lists

■ Supply Chain-Insight – advanced Supply Chain Intelligence tool integrated directly into PODIUM®

We look forward to serving you in 2017!

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