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Shannon Vaillancourt

Corporate Mission:

Develop and implement customized and integrated logistics software tools while providing insightful consulting to help customers lower freight and overall supply chain costs.

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The RateLinx Enterprise shipping solution approaches logistics management like you’ve never seen before. From our headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin, RateLinx has implemented groundbreaking software tools and services for 15 years. We start with experienced consulting so you understand how your ERP, WMS and TMS are working together. Then we provide visibility to your data to put customized strategies in place and monitor results.

RateLinx Is Completely Different

The stand-out feature that distinguishes RateLinx Enterprise is that our entire suite of software and services is integrated. Our transportation management system ShipLinx TMS is part of this integrated ecosystem. With a single Rating Engine and Intelligent Invoice ManagementSM (IIM) payment system, the solution links the order, shipment and invoice data together. Custom routing rules in the TMS are used during rate modeling. This reveals where your shipping costs can be reduced. When new pricing agreements are set, one click pushes rates to the TMS, invoice payment system and analytics.

Customized, Integrated

With the RateLinx Enterprise solution, you don’t have to replace your current TMS. Start with Intelligent Invoice ManagementSM and use ShipLinx TMS as an analytics engine to bring cost saving opportunities to light which can then be implemented with your existing TMS. When fully integrated with any ERP/WMS, RateLinx’ advanced analytics leverages big data to provide actionable Integrated Shipping IntelligenceSM – saving millions of dollars through reduced shipping costs, increased efficiency and working smarter with carriers. Monitor performance by product line, sales channel or by entity.

Rapid Launches

Designed for volumes of 25 to 250,000 shipments per day, RateLinx has completed more than 300 successful integrations at 10,000 locations. RateLinx software engineers provide rapid product launches with limited client IT involvement and VPN service for local, premise integrations. Based on per-transaction fees to scale with your business.

Learn More at:

4602 S Biltmore Lane
Suite 104
Madison, WI 53718
Phone: 262-565-6150
Fax: 262-436-2122