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Crowley Project Logistics & Global Freight Management

If you think Crowley offers just ocean freight services, think again. Sure, it provides liner shipping and cargo carrier services throughout Latin America, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean Basin, employing the latest vessels, equipment, and communication technologies. But Crowley is also one of the most diversified transportation companies in the world, developing innovative supply chain solutions backed by deep relationships throughout the region, far-reaching resources, and an impeccable reputation worldwide. With its extensive shipping capacity, as well as thousands of containers, trailers, and other intermodal components, Crowley ensures the reliability of every link in your supply chain.

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Over land, on the water, in the air - or in any combination - Lynden has been helping customers solve transportation problems for almost a century. Operating in such challenging areas as Alaska, Western Canada, and Russia, as well as other areas around the globe, Lynden has built a reputation of superior service to diverse industries.

Transera International (C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc.)

Founded in 1985, Transera specializes in transporting complex, high-value project freight for the oil and gas, mining, wind power, EPCM, energy, machinery and equipment, and infrastructure industries. Headquartered in Calgary, Canada, Transera is a wholly owned subsidiary of C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc., one of the largest third-party logistics providers of transportation and supply chain services in the world. For more information, visit or