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Five Reasons Why 3PL Warehouses Need a Cloud-Based WMS

Listed in: 3PL, Warehousing, WMS

From lower costs to better security–to significantly higher levels of profitability–a cloud-based WMS is the best choice for any 3PL looking to grow their business in today’s ever-changing logistics world. To understand all the incredible benefits of upgrading, download Five Reasons Why 3PL Warehouses Need A Cloud-Based WMS. You’ll learn how a cloud-based WMS can help your 3PL increase profitability by eliminating hidden costs, help your operation scale for seasonal work volumes, and automatically receive the latest software updates. Download now to access your free copy. Or if you’re ready to learn more, request a personalized demo of 3PL Warehouse Manager and see how 3PL Central’s cloud-based WMS can dramatically improve your performance and profitability today.

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Proper Tariff Classification – A Vital Part of Customs Compliance

Listed in: Canada Logistics, Global Logistics

Every product entering or leaving the U.S. must have a tariff classification code. It’s a number that identifies the product at a glance. Seems simple, right? It’s part of the Harmonized System with pretty much the whole world in compliance. The problem is that it’s not always easy to determine exactly which one of 9,000+ tariff classification codes applies to a given product. Get it wrong and the border becomes a blockade. Or, worse, you’ve left reduced tariffs on the table due to trade agreements. Or, equally as unpleasant, you just plain overpaid and don’t even know it. Download the new white paper Proper Tariff Classification – A Vital Part of Customs Compliance to help your business better understand the classification system and its role in ensuring proper compliance.

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Optimize Your Supply Chain with Ocean Shipping Best Practices

Listed in:

Want to optimize your supply chain? Doing so can feel easier said than done. Shippabo's eBook walks through ocean shipping best practices to help you get started. The eBook includes critical elements of a successful supply chain, eight tips for optimizing your supply chain, and answers to common shipping FAQs. Download it to optimize your supply chainís inventory turn and pre- planning capabilities.

3PL Central’s 2018 State of the Third-Party Logistics Industry Report

Listed in:

3PL Central’s 2018 State of the Third-Party Logistics Industry Report arms your warehouse with the insights it needs to capitalize on the industry-wide demand to provide a superior customer experience at every consumer touchpoint. Youíll also learn how you can better support omni-channel fulfillment, embrace the era of Big Data, improve your service with new partnerships - and more. Access your free copy today.

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Everything Past the Click

Listed in:

When establishing your eCommerce store, it may be difficult to find time to do all the tasks that are most important—like providing customer service, marketing, packaging, shipping, order fulfillment, and other store elements. In this white paper, youíll learn how to optimize your online presence, find time for shipping and fulfillment, and most importantly, how a 3PL can help you to amplify your sales.

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Overcoming the Talent Gap in Transportation

Listed in:

Research suggests the potential for a truck driver shortage of 96,000 by 2020. While raising wages is often presented as a solution – at least until automated vehicles reach commercial viability – the challenge is complex and requires a multi-faceted approach that goes beyond higher wages and signing bonuses. In this paper DHL Supply Chain offers three solutions that can make a difference.

Roadmap to Savings

Listed in:

Have you heard the one about the family who found $5,000 in coins hidden away in their couch? If only saving money in business were as easy as rummaging through overlooked areas and finding hidden caches of fortune. Actually, with a little creative thinking and refined analysis, your company can do just that. In this white paper, Optimum Expenditures Group LLC uses a specific case study to demonstrate how they were able to help one company save almost 20% off their freight spending budget by simply analyzing various aspects of their supply chainís transportation spending. By asking pointed questions and evaluating both obvious and hidden challenges, they were able to design a financial roadmap that was unique to this specific company. Download now to learn more and find out how Optimum can help you find extra savings.

The Digital Logistics Provider: Delivering a New Level of Service in the Age of IoT

Listed in: 3PL, Logistics IT

As supply chains grow ever more complex, Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) are embracing digital supply chain solutions powered by IoT technologies and data analytics. With a digital supply chain, today's LSPs are able to stay ahead of the game, informing their customers as soon as problems occur and leveraging data-driven insights to optimize from end to end. To learn more about how to stay competitive in the age of IoT, download the white paper.

Radburro: The Built-For-Business Etrike 

Listed in: Sustainability, Trucking-Last Mile Delivery

To meet today’s logistics challenges including urban congestion and lack of parking, rising fuels costs, and consumer expectations for delivery speed, forward-thinking companies are adopting cutting-edge e-cargo solutions, such as the RadBurro, an enterprise-ready mobility and logistics etrike. Featuring 700 pounds of cargo capacity and an estimated 40-80 mile range per charge, the RadBurro offers best-in-class capacity, durability, and battery life. Download this free brochure to learn more.

The Business Case for Transportation Management

Listed in: TMS, Transportation

To meet continually changing consumer demands and expectations in an increasingly competitive market, shippers need a fast, efficient supply chain. Fortunately, as the supply chain has evolved, so too have transportation management systems (TMS) – now providing organizations with greater visibility and control over their supply chain than ever before. Download this new whitepaper to examine how transportation management solutions can help your company reduce risk, improve operational efficiency, and drive meaningful change within your organization.

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