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Category: Reverse Logistics

Preventing Product Recalls With Proper Planning and Equipment

Also listed in: Food Logistics

This whitepaper informs manufacturers of the reasons and potential costs of product recalls. It details how these can be avoided and offers guidance on choosing the best solutions that can be incorporated into your product quality control programs. The whitepaper addresses five main questions: What does a recall cost? What are the main reasons for recalls? How do you control the controllable? What is the best practice to minimize recalls? What do you need to research?

TMS and the Reverse Supply Chain

Also listed in: TMS

Getting control over outbound freight is a top priority in today's supply chain. But many organizations fail to look at their inbound freight with equal scrutiny. Be it backhaul, customer returns, repairs, inventory replenishment, or incoming raw materials, using a TMS for your reverse supply chain presents huge opportunities for savings and optimization. Download this free whitepaper and learn about getting more control over your reverse supply chain and savings with Freight Management 2.0.

Retailers' Supply Chains Can Thrive with a Product Lifecycle Logistics Approach

Also listed in: Retail Logistics

Increasingly, vendors don't want store returns back, and are placing the burden on retailers. This trend is changing the way retailers manage the back end of their supply chains. Product Lifecycle Logistics is an approach that treats product movement as one continuous inventory stream designed to reduce supply chain costs an average of 10 to 20 percent.

Product Lifecycle Logistics in the Consumer Product Goods Industry

Also listed in: 3PL

Consumer packaged goods manufacturers look for efficiencies in every nook and cranny of their supply chains. Still, millions of dollars in potential savings remain elusive. Discover how Product Lifecycle Logistics breaks through barriers and exposes the unattainable savings delivered through supply chain efficiency.

Secondary Market Sales

Also listed in: 3PL

To protect retail sales of new product, some retailers and manufacturers do not aggressively resell returns and other distressed inventory in the secondary market. But new brand protection strategies can reduce or eliminate brand protection risks while maximizing recovery value on store returns, excess inventory, closeouts, irregulars, and seasonal items.

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