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January 2011

Advantages of a Web Portal in Transportation

Offered By: PaperWise, Inc.
The complex nature of logistics requires constant communication and easy access to information. Coordination between companies, carriers, and manufacturers involves continuous attention, accuracy, and flexibility throughout the supply chain. This whitepaper explains what a Web portal is and examines the advantages and benefits that a company in the logistics or transportation sector can gain by implementing a Web portal.

Reverse Logistics - The Untapped Revenue Stream

Offered By: Ryder
Because reverse logistics can drive real impact to the bottom line, this is an area of high priority for companies looking to reduce costs, add efficiencies, improve the customer experience, and build sustainable supply chain practices. As a result, manufacturers are uncovering the hidden value of returned assets and streamlining return, repair, and product reallocation processes. Find out how your company can benefit from effective reverse logistics management.

Customer Case Study: McMahon Cartage

Offered By: Zebra & Motorola
Carriers across the country are struggling to reduce costs to keep their customers happy and their bottom line healthy. To survive and thrive, carriers are called upon by their customers to find new, more efficient ways to operate to help customers drive costs out of their logistics network. Download this case history to see how one mid-size carrier took touches out of the dispatch process using the latest in combined technology from Zebra and Motorola.

Unlock the Power of Your Field Service Teams with Mobility

Offered By: Zebra & Motorola
This new report outlines how achieving maximum productivity involves streamlining and automating processes to reduce or even eliminate the large volume of paperwork that often burdens field service professionals. Discover how mobility can benefit field service operations, considerations when implementing mobile field service applications, and technical considerations when evaluating potential solutions.

Best Practices to Reduce International Freight Costs

Offered By: Management Dynamics
Struggling with out-of-control freight costs? You've got a TMS solution in place but let's face it, those solutions are oriented to managing domestic transportation, and just aren't set up to handle the complexities of global containerized transportation and airfreight. Download Management Dynamics' whitepaper, Best Practices to Reduce International Freight Costs, to learn how you can benefit from contract automation to meet, even exceed, your aggressive budget commitments.

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