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January 2013

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Globally Local: The New Face of Right-Shoring

Offered By: Exel
There is a revolution in today’s supply chain as global corporations find more risk than reward in manufacturing thousands of miles away from customers. As a result, companies are shifting toward globally local supply chain operations or “right-shoring.” In this whitepaper, Exel explores right-shoring, highlighting what it means for supply chain operations across geographies and industries.

Mobile Barcode Scanning For Today’s 3PLs – From Nice-to-Have To Necessity

Offered By: 3PL Central
Ready to learn how mobile barcode scanning can help your 3PL slash its costs, increase its accuracy – and attract whole new legions of fans? Then download 3PL Central’s latest free whitepaper, Mobile Barcode Scanning For Today’s 3PLs – From Nice-to-Have To Necessity, today!

Gaining a Competitive Advantage: The Need for Global Management of Mission-Critical Service Parts

Offered By: Choice Logistics
As corporate budgets shrink, spending on high-tech equipment decreases, challenging high-tech manufacturers and service providers with greater demands on repair and maintenance. A reliable supply chain is essential for parts availability to meet aggressive service level agreements (SLAs), especially for mission-critical systems. Learn why organizations are enlisting outside experts to establish a comprehensive service parts logistics strategy, encompassing a global IT platform, real-time visibility and flexible scalability.

Don’t Just Report on Vendor Non-Compliance, Minimize It

Offered By: enVista
Improved vendor management offers several important implications to your business, including: improved customer service, minimized lost sales and significantly increased profits. In this whitepaper from enVista, you’ll learn how to develop strategic vendor management programs to achieve significant cost savings and ways to effectively mitigate vendor non-compliance activity before it happens.

Camera-Based AutoID Systems Boost Profits Through Smarter Distribution

Offered By: Vitronic
More distribution channels, shorter delivery times, and growing product portfolios add pressure to all parts of the supply chain. Distribution centers need better visibility to meet today’s challenges. Learn how camera-based auto-ID systems are better than laser barcode scanners for both manual and automated sorting and picking operations, offering better accuracy, greater capability and better return on investment.

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