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January 2014

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Is There Ever an “Average” Day? Incorporating Variability Into Transportation Modeling

Offered By: Manhattan Associates
Your transportation policy defines the framework upon which all transportation decisions will be made, so it’s imperative to construct it in a manner that is not overly constricting. Averages rarely reflect reality, so strategic planning should utilize a ‘stochastic’ approach based on calculated probabilities. The latest transportation modeling technology allows for combined stochastic optimization and simulation, which allows analysts to incorporate known variability in developing transportation policy.

The Five Reasons Smart Start-Up Warehouses Say Their Best Move Was To The Cloud

Offered By: 3PL Central
Thinking of starting up or spinning off a new warehouse or 3PL? Then a Cloud-based Warehouse Management System is the only way to go. To learn why many start-ups feel this way, download 3PL Central’s latest white paper “The 5 Reasons Smart Start-Up Warehouses Say Their Best Move Was To The Cloud” today.

3PL Perspectives: Drafting a Blueprint for Growth

Offered By: Inbound Logistics
Inbound Logistics’ ninth-annual 3PL Perspectives market research report documents how third-party logistics providers are differentiating their value proposition beyond transactional services–creating an outsourcing blueprint for shippers to grow, in spite of economic uncertainties.

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