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Are You Ready for a Third-Party Logistics Provider?

Offered By: TMSi Logistics
Outsourcing your supply chain is a big step. Many companies have built their logistics alongside their business, keeping supply chain management in-house. The right third party logistics partner will maintain and strengthen your relationship with your clients and customers, while improving your bottom line. Don't know the right questions to ask? This TMSi Logistics whitepaper provides the answers.

Transportation Management Systems
& Supply Chain Sustainability

Offered By: Werner Enterprises
One of the greatest concerns for transportation executives is driving efficiencies within their supply chains and reducing costs. Transportation Management Systems (TMS) are one of the most effective measures for reducing costs and eliminating inefficiencies. These platforms focus on long-term savings rather than immediate cost avoidance. This inherent characteristic adds stability, reliability and transportation process cost controls. Successful TMS solutions provide connectivity, optimization, transparency and collaboration.

2009 Secondary Packaging Outsourcing Report

Offered By: Saddle Creek Corporation
Increased flexibility and reduced costs are two top reasons why manufacturers are outsourcing their secondary packaging services, according to a new study sponsored by Saddle Creek Corporation. Based on an online survey of contract packaging users, the 2009 Secondary Packaging Outsourcing Report explores these benefits, as well as common practices and emerging trends in the outsourcing of secondary packaging.

Optimizing DC Networks for Global Sourcing

Offered By: Ryder Supply Chain Solutions
Flexibility in DC networks is the competitive edge your company needs to be successful in an economy where the global supply chain grows more complex every day. Outsourcing DCs provides companies the flexibility to add new products, markets, sources of goods, and capabilities while focusing on their core business. To learn more about outsourcing distribution centers, download Ryder's whitepaper.

Identifying Opportunities
With Your Inbound Transportation

Offered By: C.H. Robinson
With the right processes and visibility, companies of any size can improve the inbound segment of the supply chain. In this whitepaper, C.H. Robinson focuses on how visibility and business processes can drive improved savings and service. The paper discusses common inbound logistics gaps, where to find inbound savings, how to start an inbound program, ways to take a proactive approach to managing an inbound program, and steps to discovering new opportunities in inbound logistics.

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