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February 2011

Labor Management: Instill Accuracy, Efficiency, and Productivity in the Warehouse and Retail Store

Offered By: Kronos
This Aberdeen Benchmark Report identified that best-in-class organizations use labor management practices to deliver better business results. How? Through real-time monitoring of operational performance and by implanting performance-based incentives to motivate the behaviors that effect profitability.

Customs Brokerage and Freight Forwarding 2011 Industry Survey Analysis and Best Practices Recommendations

Offered By: Kewill
In Kewill's most recent benchmark survey, customs and freight forwarding professionals share their insights on the industry challenges and trends, the results of which are presented in this 20-page whitepaper. In addition to the benchmark data, you will gain access to more than 20 graphs and charts, along with 10 Best Practices and Recommendations for the Customs Brokerage and Freight Forwarding Industries.

2011 Cross-Docking Trends Report

Offered By: Saddle Creek Corporation
Cross-docking has increased significantly in recent years, according to a new study sponsored by Saddle Creek Corporation. The practice serves as a viable strategy for companies challenged by today's unpredictable economy—helping to improve service levels, reduce transportation costs, and consolidate shipments to destination. The 2011 Cross-Docking Trends Report explores the latest cross-docking practices, benefits and challenges, outsourcing trends, and more.

Supply Chain Security: Preventing Cargo Theft

Offered By: Ryder
Today's economy is driven by a global supply chain. Goods are moved around the world 24/7—packaged and transported by air, rail, sea or truck. As the supply chain grows more complex, so does the ability to secure them. One of the biggest challenges affecting businesses today is cargo theft, and the resulting potential disruption of the supply chain. Learn some best practices in security that will help your company combat the risks and dangers of cargo theft.

Customer Case Study: McMahon Cartage

Offered By: Zebra and Motorola
Carriers across the country are struggling to reduce costs to keep their customers happy and their bottom line healthy. To survive and thrive, carriers are called upon by their customers to find new, more efficient ways to operate to help customers drive costs out of their logistics network. Download this case history to see how one mid-size carrier took touches out of the dispatch process using the latest in combined technology from Zebra and Motorola.

Nine Telltale Signs You Should Replace Your Current WMS

Offered By: HighJump Software
Is an inflexible or legacy warehouse management system (WMS) putting your business at risk? You rely on a warehouse management system to maintain ongoing operations, support changing customer requirements, keep up with new industry regulations, and simply get product out the door on a daily basis. What happens when you're no longer able to get the job done? In this new industry report, Nine Telltale Signs You Should Replace Your Current WMS, you'll learn to analyze the operational factors influenced by your WMS—and find out whether your system is constraining your company's growth and global reach.

Unlock the Power of Your Field Service Teams with Mobility

Offered By: Zebra and Motorola
This new report outlines how achieving maximum productivity involves streamlining and automating processes to reduce or even eliminate the large volume of paperwork that often burdens field service professionals. Discover how mobility can benefit field service operations, considerations when implementing mobile field service applications, and technical considerations when evaluating potential solutions.

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