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February 2014

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Freight Term Optimization: Reduce Costs & Increase Margins by Managing the Right Freight

Offered By: enVista
Reduce Costs & Increase Margins by Managing the Right Freight. We all know that moving freight the right way reduces transportation cost, but often overlooked is the value of moving the right freight—Freight Term Optimization. In this whitepaper from enVista, you'll learn about the financial benefits of Freight Term Optimization, get tips for negotiating with your customers and suppliers, and learn how to capture the savings of your optimized freight.

Optimizing Distribution Networks for a Competitive Advantage

Offered By: Saddle Creek Logistics Services
Today, more and more companies are finding value in optimizing their distribution network. By taking a strategic approach to network configuration, they are improving service levels, better managing their inventory and reducing transportation costs. Less demanding in terms of infrastructure, systems, cost, and time than full-scale supply chain optimization, this targeted approach delivers remarkable results. Download this new report for a closer look at how distribution network configuration can imact supply chain effectiveness.

3PL Perspectives: Drafting a Blueprint for Growth

Offered By: Inbound Logistics
Inbound Logistics' ninth-annual 3PL Perspectives market research report documents how third-party logistics providers are differentiating their value proposition beyond transactional services — creating an outsourcing blueprint for shippers to grow, in spite of economic uncertainties.

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