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March 2014

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Supply Chain Trends Impacting the Consumer Products Industry

Offered By: Kane is Able
Consumer product companies that are planning logistics budgets and initiatives would be wise to consider major trends that will shape how their supply chains operate in the future. Companies that fail to understand and plan for coming trends may find themselves one day scrambling to play catch-up with competitors. This paper looks at five forces that will undoubtedly impact your logistics operations in the future. It's wise to understand these forces and consider the actions you can take now to stay one step ahead.

The 7 'Must-Haves' of a Warehouse Management Platform (Is Your WMS a WMP?)

Offered By: 3PL Central
Looking to create a strategic network of partners, providers, and technologies for your warehouse? Then download 3PL Central's latest free whitepaper, "The 7 Must-Haves of a Warehouse Management Platform (Is Your WMS a WMP?)" today!

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