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April 2010

Logistics Success: Selecting a 3PL with a Values-Driven Culture Creates Resiliency

Offered By: TMSi Logistics
The present economy has served as a reminder that there are no guarantees in business. Many companies are finding themselves struggling to stay afloat -- and many are sinking. In better economic days, a company could survive with a moderate profit padding achieved through dedicated attention to its bottom line. Focusing on values increases performance levels, improves service, reduces employee variability, and supports sustainability.

Customs 10+2 Vital Facts about the Importer Security Filing

Offered By: Management Dynamics
With Importer Security Filing (ISF) regulations now in effect, importers are still struggling to understand where their responsibilities lay and how to comply while staying inside their budget. This eBook covers 12 vital facts that importers must be aware of to successfully comply with the ISF, including answers to the frequently asked questions.

Flexing the Workforce: Using Overall Labor Effectiveness to Manage Fluctuating Demand

Offered By: Kronos
Kronos gives you real-time visibility into key productivity measurements so you can contain costs and do more with the workforce you have, even when your demand fluctuates. Download Flexing the Workforce: Using Overall Labor Effectiveness to Manage Fluctuating Demand to learn how to:
  • Allocate workers on the fly to understaffed orders before delivery times are compromised
  • Improve invoice accuracy to staffing firms when you use contract or temporary workers
  • Minimize unnecessary and excessive use of premium pay types

7"Must-Have" WMS Features for Today's 3PL

Offered By: 3PL Central
Running a 3PL warehouse has very unique requirements -- and ensuring your Warehouse Manager System (WMS) supports this demanding multi-customer, multi-user environment is crucial. 7"Must-Have" WMS Features for Today's 3PL details the key elements of a 3PL-focused WMS. Learn about the special features that will help you run your operation more efficiently and profitably.

Managing Transportation Costs

Offered By: Ryder
The transportation industry is in the throes of the most dramatic changes in its history. The best way for companies to mitigate rising costs and improve customer service is by building a successful shipper/carrier relationship. Collaborating with core carriers allows companies to identify smart solutions for business process enhancements, rather than simply resorting to cost-cutting exercises that may have an adverse effect on service levels, profitability and the company's reputation.

The State of Truck/Rail Modal Share: An Analysis for Transportation Customers

Offered By: U.S. Xpress
This whitepaper, written by Noël Perry, the principal for Transportation Fundamentals, Inc. and a 30-year veteran of both the rail and trucking industries, offers transport buyers an opportunity to look beyond marketing slogans and industry rhetoric and to examine in-depth the strengths of both truck and rail. Download this free whitepaper so you can study the facts on modal share and explore how each can complement the other and work within a more efficient, cost-effective, and greener supply chain.

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