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April 2012

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Advanced Communications Technology in a Rugged Tablet

Offered By: DRS Technologies
Mobile computing has evolved from a specialty to a requirement for productive, task-oriented, and customer-focused employees. Rugged tablets like the ARMOR™ X10gx from DRS Technologies have changed how and where employees work, increasing their ability to connect and share information with colleagues and customers, and delivering the communications mobility needed to put the right person in the right place with the right information.

Growing Your 3PL by Supporting Multi-Channel Warehousing

Offered By: 3PL Central
The fast-growing trend toward multi-channel distribution could provide your 3PL with one of its largest growth opportunities in years. To learn what your 3PL must do to prosper in this new environment, download 3PL Central’s latest whitepaper, Growing Your 3PL by Supporting Multi-Channel Warehousing, today.

Visibility in the Import Supply Chain: Getting a Clear View into Competitive Advantage

Offered By: GT Nexus
This whitepaper describes how leading importers are reaping the benefits of end-to-end global supply chain visibility and control. Using concrete examples from the field, this document focuses on specific areas of the importer operation, and shows how a clear view of the end-to-end supply chain can deliver unprecedented value to the bottom line.

Border Hassles That Can Put the Canadian Market Out of Reach: What Your Business Should Know

Offered By: Purolator International, Inc.
This whitepaper discusses regulatory and logistical hurdles U.S. businesses must be aware of when shipping across the U.S./Canadian border. These challenges must be understood and addressed as part of the cross-border experience. Transporting goods into Canada is a complicated process. Regulations and protocols are constantly changing and U.S. businesses must entrust their Canadian-bound shipments to a qualified logistics provider that ensures shipments are afforded every trade enhancement, priority clearance review, and duty/ tax reduction to which they are entitled.

Grocery Retailers and Food Manufacturers Collaborate to Save Up to 22%

Offered By: Ryder
Beyond the grocery aisle, a complex and often costly and inefficient supply chain interconnects food manufacturers and grocery retailers. To meet consumer demands, grocery retailers are sourcing from a wider base of manufacturers and placing more orders. And, because they have limited warehouse space, they are requiring more frequent replenishment. Food manufacturers face pressure to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and compete smarter. Trends and challenges like these are driving a new focus on collaboration among consumer-packaged goods trading partners. This whitepaper explores how a collaborative mixing and consolidation program delivers improved supply chain efficiency, predictability, and costs savings.

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