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April 2013

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Three Challenges Facing Shippers Today and How to Mitigate Them

Offered By: Geodis Wilson
This whitepaper examines three main challenges facing shippers today in data disparity within their transportation flows, warehouse management, visibility, and cross-border trade — while exploring ways they can mitigate these challenges and simultaneously prepare themselves for a better tomorrow.

Reduce Transportation Costs With Intermodal

Offered By: Weber Logistics
Too slow. Unreliable. Risk of damage. These were some of the reasons transportation managers once gave for avoiding rail for freight transport. This Weber INSIGHT paper discusses how many companies are now making intermodal a key element of their strategies to reduce transportation costs and carbon emissions. Download this paper to learn how to make intermodal work for your company.

White Goods: A Guide for Transforming your Supply Chain

Offered By: Ryder
This whitepaper explores the unique supply chain challenges white goods manufacturers face and strategies for overcoming them. It identifies components of effective solutions and provides guidelines for choosing a solution. Finally, it explores the implications of implementing a solution that combines network redesign and visibility with cross-border transportation freight and warehouse consolidation, inventory postponement, and product and packaging customization to deliver key benefits: a more efficient labor force, balanced inventory, reduced costs and more. To learn more, download A Guide for Transforming Your Supply Chain today.

Logistics IT Market Research Survey and Top 100 Logistics IT Providers

Offered By: Inbound Logistics
Inbound Logistics reveals the latest logistics technology trends influencing the supply chain sector — and 100 companies that are breaking new ground and leading the market.

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