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May 2010

Trade Agreement Management: Survey Results and Best Practice Research

Offered By: Management Dynamics
This report outlines how and why companies can implement and benefit from building a portfolio of foreign trade agreements. After surveying more than 300 respondents across various industries and sizes, we have uncovered key characteristics of successful trade agreements programs, and divulge vital information related to program management challenges, monetary savings, legal responsibilities, and strategies to help your firm sustain an effective program.

Enhancing "The Perfect Order" in Distribution and Logistics

Offered By: Kronos
Today's workforce management strategies can drive you closer to "the perfect order." A more effective use of labor can take your organization to a new level of productivity and profitability:
  • Gain visibility into supply chain operations to improve service levels.
  • Access complete and accurate job and labor costing to increase profitability.
  • Gather real-time data on labor capacity and order status to cost-effectively allocate labor.
Organizations that leverage the power of workforce management will be best positioned to compete and win in the 21st-century marketplace. Find out how.

SaaS WMS: A Perfect Fit for Today's 3PL

Offered By: 3PL Central
3PL Central focuses on the top reasons why a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Warehouse Management System (WMS) offers today's 3PLs the most robust functionality options at the greatest ROI. Today's ever-changing business climate requires scalability and nimble flexibility; an SaaS-based WMS is perfectly positioned to help 3PL operators become the strongest link in their customer's supply chain. Download SaaS WMS: A Perfect Fit for Today's 3PL and learn:
  • Why pay-as-you-go software benefits both the 3PL and its customers.
  • How 3PLs can achieve scalability within the SaaS environment.
  • What rapid WMS setup can mean in a fast-paced 3PL world.

Outsourcing to Improve Supply Chain Agility

Offered By: Ryder
Delivering on a high-performance supply chain network is the competitive imperative to compete in the 21st century. The intensity of change in today's market requires agility, speed, and responsiveness from your supply chain. It is a critical time to examine how other companies are extending beyond traditional, functional outsourcing relationships to gain advantage and increase their agility and responsiveness to global market volatility. Companies outsource in a multitude of industries to meet market challenges by accelerating change and improving overall productivity and profitability.

The State of Truck/Rail Modal Share: An Analysis for Transportation Customers

Offered By: U.S. Xpress
This whitepaper, written by Noël Perry, the principal for Transportation Fundamentals, Inc. and a 30-year veteran of both the rail and trucking industries, offers transport buyers an opportunity to look beyond marketing slogans and industry rhetoric and to examine in-depth the strengths of both truck and rail. Download this free whitepaper so you can study the facts on modal share and explore how each can complement the other and work within a more efficient, cost-effective, and greener supply chain.

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