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May 2011

eBook: Direct Import Strategies for Retailers

Offered By: Management Dynamics
Margin pressure has led many retailers to source goods from low- cost countries -- initially through distributors or international procurement operations, and increasingly through direct import strategies. This new eBook explains how a direct import program can help retailers improve coordination, reduce order cycles, enhance compliance with Customs 10+2, and reduce inbound transportation costs.

Are You Ready for a 3PL?

Offered By: TMSi Logistics
Outsourcing to a qualified third party logistics provider (3PL) can provide cost savings that are difficult to achieve when a company’s supply chain is managed in-house. To learn how to begin your search for the right 3PL partner, download our complimentary whitepaper here.

Supply Chains: Where to Find the Biggest, Fastest Transportation Savings

Offered By: C.H. Robinson
It takes time and effort to analyze supply chains and determine the best way to optimize it. Where should you begin? In this C.H. Robinson whitepaper, you'll discover ten ways to obtain greater transportation savings with the least amount of effort. In addition, this paper answers the question of where you should focus your talents first, second, and third to reap the biggest savings and achieve the quickest ROI.

Product Lifecycle Logistics Can Reduce Supply Chain Costs An Average of 10%-20%

Offered By: Genco ATC
A product begins its life with maximum profit potential during the manufacturing process. But as that product moves through an increasingly complex, global supply chain, excess time and handling costs erode its profit. Product Lifecycle Logistics is a game-changing approach to treating the supply chain as a continuous whole and, in the process, lowering supply chain costs an average of 10 to 20 percent.

Supply Chain Security: Preventing Cargo Theft

Offered By: Ryder
Today's economy is driven by a global supply chain. Goods are moved around the world 24/7 - packaged and transported by air, rail, sea or truck. As the supply chain grows more complex, so does the ability to secure them. One of the biggest challenges affecting businesses today is cargo theft, and the resulting potential disruption of the supply chain. Learn some best practices in security that will help your company combat the risks and dangers of cargo theft.

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