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May 2012

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Three Common Supply Chain Issues That Affect Your Bottom Line

Offered By: Amber Road
Amber Road’s expert eBook, Three Common Supply Chain Issues that Affect Your Bottom Line, discusses areas in the supply chain where companies may be losing money, and uncovers strategies to prevent this loss. Key takeaways include:
  • How to reduce expedited shipments with better planning and supply chain visibility
  • How to avoid detention and demurrage fines
  • How to communicate efficiently with trading partners

Inbound Transportation Management and Control: Low Hanging Fruit and How to Grab It

Offered By: TransportGistics, Inc.
When it comes to managing your transportation program, the overriding theme must be control, yet many organizations have not applied the same efforts to inbound transportation management as they have to outbound management, making it a great opportunity for efficiency and cost savings. This whitepaper will identify and discuss the most important, perhaps simplest of steps necessary, to improve Inbound Transportation Management, as well as the opportunities that this improvement will yield.

2012 Temperature-Controlled Transportation Report

Offered By: RWI Transportation
This study, based on a survey of North American shippers, examines the top challenges faced in temperature-controlled transportation. It provides interesting insights and information about best practices, common challenges, and emerging trends in today's temperature-controlled market. The report is provided by RWI Transportation, an asset-based logistics company offering temperature-controlled transportation. RWI manages in excess of 100,000 shipments annually, including both temperature-controlled and dry freight.

Product Lifecycle Logistics in the Consumer Product Goods Industry

Offered By: GENCO ATC
Consumer packaged goods manufacturers look for efficiencies in every nook and cranny of their supply chains. Still, millions of dollars in potential savings remain elusive. Discover how Product Lifecycle Logistics breaks through barriers and exposes the unattainable savings delivered through supply chain efficiency.

Advanced Communications Technology in a Rugged Tablet

Offered By: DRS Technologies
Mobile computing has evolved from a specialty to a requirement for productive, task-oriented, and customer-focused employees. Rugged tablets like the ARMOR™ X10gx from DRS Technologies have changed how and where employees work, increasing their ability to connect and share information with colleagues and customers, and delivering the communications mobility needed to put the right person in the right place with the right information.

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