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May 2013

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Key Strategies for Automating the Import Supply Chain

Offered By: Amber Road
U.S. corporations import nearly $2 trillion worth of products from more than 150 countries, and that number is expected to triple by 2015. Companies involved in imports need to consider how they will automate global operations and manage complex government regulations. Download Amber Road’s whitepaper, Key Strategies for Automating the Import Supply Chain, to find out how your company can implement a global trade management framework to automate your import operations.

Incorporating Quality Management in a Logistics Environment

Offered By: Saddle Creek
The concepts of total quality management and continuous improvement have been around for decades, but only recently have been successfully applied in logistics environments. Today, many companies are finding that they can strengthen their businesses by making total quality management (TQM) part of their logistics operations. Learn how a commitment to TQM can provide value for companies and their customers.

Navigating the New Normal

Offered By: Kronos
The stats don’t lie. Increasing labor challenges are affecting your supply chain. So what is your strategy? In the interactive PDF, Navigating the New Normal, you’ll find the strategic answers to help you uncover additional labor capacity, drive down operational costs, and be more responsive to increased customer demands on service levels and profit margins. No matter where your organization fits along the supply chain, gaining more visibility into your workforce is the ideal place to start. Download this eBook so you’ll be prepared for whatever obstacles this ‘New Normal’ throws your way.

Trust & Verify - Best Practices: Financial Due Diligence and the Outsourcing of Freight Bill Audit and Payment

Offered By: CTSI-Global
There are billions of dollars circulated globally for the movement of goods. Transportation costs can be higher than any other expense. It is critical that companies carefully choose their freight payment provider. Performing due diligence on the vendor’s financials not only protects the company’s funds, but also reassures they’ll not lose money and be indebted to any carrier. This whitepaper highlights a number of steps that can be taken to ensure a successful relationship, and protect and minimize the financial risk to the outsourcer.

Logistics IT Market Research Survey and Top 100 Logistics IT Providers

Offered By: Inbound Logistics
Inbound Logistics reveals the latest logistics technology trends influencing the supply chain sector — and 100 companies that are breaking new ground and leading the market.

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