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June 2010

5 Top 3PL Billing Challenges
And How to Conquer Them

Offered By: 3PL Central
This free whitepaper tackles the top five 3PL billing challenges and outlines industry best practices that ensure revenue optimization in today's multi-client 3PL environment. Download now to learn how to improve billing and invoicing processes, and structure transaction and storage fees designed to maximize 3PL profits. This whitepaper presents real-world billing and invoicing principles designed to save time and boost 3PL profitability.

Collaborative Distribution: How CPG Manufacturers and Retailers Can Save Millions and Embrace the Green Revolution

Offered By: Kane is Able
Every day, CPG products make their way to the country's largest retailers. Goods from different manufacturers shipping to the exact same destinations, but all following their own line of supply. This redundancy inflates costs, blocks our roads, and pollutes our air. We need an alternate model for CPG product distribution. A free whitepaper by Kane Is Able, Inc. explains how Collaborative Distribution could be the next major advance in supply chain management. Download now.

The State of Truck/Rail Modal Share: An Analysis for Transportation Customers

Offered By: U.S. Xpress
According to Inbound Logistics Publisher Keith Biondo, "The Truck-Rail Modal Share whitepaper is a 'must-read' for all logistics professionals. I know that because our readers have downloaded this whitepaper more than any other we've offered. As capacity tightens across the modes, this whitepaper delivers valuable insight into the strengths of both truck and rail. It can also help logistics pros in the search for 'greener' supply chain options." The Truck-Rail Modal Share whitepaper was written by NoŽl Perry, the principal for Transportation Fundamentals, Inc., and a 30-year veteran of both the rail and trucking industries.

Considering China's Warehousing Options

Offered By: C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc.
Pursuing warehouse solutions in China may be a fast-growing trend, but is it the right move for your business? For many companies, the benefits of implementing a warehouse solution in China far outweigh potential drawbacks. In Considering China's Warehousing Options, you'll learn:
  • Why China is a warehousing hotspot
  • Available warehouse options & programs
  • Benefits of warehousing in China
  • Challenges to consider
  • 4 key implementation strategies
  • Advantages of outsourcing to a global 3PL
Four Ways 3PLs Can Harness Technology to Attract Customers and Drive Profitability

Offered By: HighJump Software
Just released — a new study showing 3PLs, brokers, and warehouse operators four solid ways to leverage today's low-cost logistics IT to attract customers and serve them more completely. If you provide logistics solutions, you'll want to download this four-point action plan that covers attracting new business, increasing billing speed and accuracy, providing granular inventory visibility, and expanding service to existing customers.

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