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June 2012

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A Model for Value Chain Transformation

Offered By: Amber Road
Featuring Gartner Research, this complimentary newsletter from Amber Road, A Model for Value Chain Transformation, can help you assess where your company falls within Gartner's Global Trade Management Maturity Model. Learn what steps you can take to drive value at each stage of maturity, and bridge from one stage to the next.

SaaS WMS — The Perfect Fit For Today’s 3PL

Offered By: 3PL Central
Reliable, flexible, and capable of providing the return on investment today's competitive marketplace demands, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) are the perfect solution for 3PLs looking to grow. To learn more about how SaaS WMS can help your business, download our free whitepaper SaaS WMS: The Perfect Fit For Today’s 3PL.

Rethinking Parcel-intensive Inbound Supply Chains to Improve Visibility, Increase Control and Cut Costs By as Much as 20 Percent

Offered By: Ryder
Many companies suffer the high cost of premium air service when unable to pre-authorize such shipments. This is especially true of businesses that ship many light parts or work with suppliers who fail to comply with routing instructions. Depending on the number of packages expedited, and the volume of shipments, inbound parcel shipping represents a rich opportunity to reduce costs. Learn how to save money by integrating a solution that delivers network visibility, parcel shipment optimization, an expedited workflow, and Web-based integration of parcel networks and carriers.

Integrating Routing Software With Your Business Process Workflow

Offered By: TMW Systems
Why are you really looking at routing software? Are you trying to reduce costs, cut the time it takes to create routes, or give better service to your customers? Are you growing and need help to handle the increased volume? Before you begin to look for a solution, make sure you have your business goals defined and agreement on them within your organization. TMW Systems has a solution that will help you integrate routing software into your workflow.

Advanced Communications Technology in a Rugged Tablet

Offered By: DRS Technologies
Mobile computing has evolved from a specialty to a requirement for productive, task-oriented, and customer-focused employees. Rugged tablets like the ARMOR™ X10gx from DRS Technologies have changed how and where employees work, increasing their ability to connect and share information with colleagues and customers, and delivering the communications mobility needed to put the right person in the right place with the right information.

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