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June 2013

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Three Common Global Supply Chain Issues that Affect Your Bottom Line

Offered By: Amber Road
As organizations reap the benefits of going global, many are still making due with manual, outdated processes and technologies. Download Amber Road’s eBook, “Three Common Global Supply Chain Issues that Affect Your Bottom Line,” to learn areas where you might be losing money without the right global processes in place, and uncover strategies to prevent this loss.

The Five “Must-Have” Attributes of the Modern Smart Warehouse

Offered By: 3PL Central
The era of the Smart Warehouse is upon us. To learn what your warehouse should be doing to make itself “Smarter” in today’s ever-changing world, download 3PL Central’s new whitepaper “The Five Must-Have Attributes of the Modern Smart Warehouse” today.

Holistic Supply Chain Management: A Focused Approach to Supply Chain Management through the Lens of Working Capital Management

Offered By: GT Nexus
There's been a renewal of interest in the past few years around optimizing working capital in the supply chain, and cloud technology makes it easier. Visibility on a cloud-based platform and having standardized, electronic documentation over the network gives managers the tools they need to free up as much cash as possible in the supply chain.

Supply Chain Security: Preventing Cargo Theft

Offered By: Ryder
Today’s economy is driven by a global supply chain. Goods are moved around the world 24/7 — packaged and transported by air, rail, sea or truck. As the supply chain grows more complex, so does the ability to secure them. One of the biggest challenges affecting businesses today is cargo theft, and the resulting potential disruption of the supply chain. Learn some best practices in security that will help your company combat the risks and dangers of cargo theft. Download the whitepaper now.

Five Warning Signs of an Inefficient Fleet — and How to Avoid Them

Offered By: TMW Systems
A fleet operation is inefficient whenever vehicle capacity goes unused, when vehicles put on more miles than necessary and when drivers sit at the wheel instead of serving customer needs because of poor scheduling and inefficient routes. If you know what to look for, there are five warning signs of fleet inefficiency that can also point to cost savings and productivity opportunities.

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