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July 2010

Best Practices to Reduce
International Freight Costs

Offered By: Management Dynamics
Struggling with out-of-control freight costs? You've got a TMS solution in place – but let's face it, those solutions are oriented to managing domestic transportation, and just aren't set up to handle the complexities of global containerized transportation and airfreight. Download Management Dynamics' whitepaper, Best Practices to Reduce International Freight Costs, to learn how you can benefit from contract automation to meet, even exceed, your aggressive budget commitments.

2010 Distribution Network Trends Report

Offered By: Saddle Creek Corporation
Manufacturers, distributors and retailers are making significant changes to their supply chain distribution networks as a result of recent economic challenges. According to an industry survey sponsored by Saddle Creek Corporation, the top three areas of change include transportation, warehouse size and/or configuration, and shipment consolidation. Learn more about these and other emerging trends in the design and management of distribution networks in the 2010 Distribution Network Trends Report.

7 "Must-Have" WMS Features for Today's 3PL

Offered By: 3PL Central
Running a 3PL warehouse has very unique requirements – and ensuring your Warehouse Manager System (WMS) supports this demanding multi-customer, multi-user environment is crucial. 7 "Must-Have" WMS Features for Today's 3PL details the key elements of a 3PL-focused WMS. Learn about the special features that will help you run your operation more efficiently and profitably.

Global Sourcing Made Easy
at Staples Brands Group

Offered By: Arigo
Staples brand products are an important part of the company's commitment to offer quality products at a great value. Staples Brands Group operates a $3 billion private label business representing more than 23 percent of total sales. Learn how Staples Brands Group uses Strategic Global Sourcing to drive the lowest possible product costs with 99-percent on-time deliveries across global suppliers and customers. Download this whitepaper to learn how Global Sourcing is easy for Staples Brands Group.

ERP Implementations Streamlining through Supply Chain Outsourcing

Offered By: Ryder
Outsourcing non-core activities, like logistics and warehouse management, reduces the complexity, risks, costs and time to go-live of ERP systems. It's common for companies implementing all-encompassing ERP systems to have at least some problems, delays and cost overruns. For The Hershey Company, Levi Strauss and Company, and Whirlpool, those problems had a dramatic effect on the companies' bottom lines. Outsourcing is a proven method to achieve world-class logistics and warehousing operations in a fraction of the time – and risk – of implementing an ERP system.

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