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July 2011

Improving Supply Chain Visibility via Technology

Offered By: Management Dynamics
This expert eBook from Management Dynamics will provide you with a better foundation for managing your supply chain, and getting visibility with suppliers, as well as within your organization.

Warehouse Transparency: A Competitive Advantage for 3PL Warehouse Owners and Their Customers

Offered By: 3PL Central
The era of transparency has arrived, bringing with it unprecedented opportunities for 3PL warehouses to strengthen their customer relationships, achieve new levels of efficiency —and reach new heights of customer satisfaction. To learn more, download 3PL Central’s whitepaper Warehouse Transparency —The Competitive Advantage for 3PL Warehouse Operators and Their Customers. Written by industry experts, it identifies the features your 3PL WMS will need to prosper in this new age of heightened customer expectations.

Winning the Expired Products Battle

Offered By: GENCO ATC
Between $3 billion and $5 billion is lost each year to unsaleables. The explosion in expired products has led some retailers to establish stringent requirements for guarantees of remaining shelf life at the time of delivery to retailers and wholesalers. Discover the formula-driven approach that is successfully being used by a manufacturer with its trading partners.

5 Lean Guiding Principles for the Supply Chain —Principle 1: People Involvement

Offered By: Ryder
Ryder’s Lean Guiding Principles are the foundation for operational excellence in all its customers’ warehouses. The most important of the Lean Guiding Principles is People Involvement—engaging every employee to root out waste, eliminate problems, and make improvements. Nothing happens in a company without people to drive it forward. Learn more here.

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